Cleaning Grout In Bathrooms

Selecting the most appropriate bathroom grout cleaning solution is essential for having a cheerful and hygienic home. Cleaning grout can be quite a challenge and it is often a great deal more difficult to clean compared to bathroom tiles.

It's necessary, however, so to help you here's some tips on cleaning grout in bathrooms.

Cleaning Grout In Bathrooms
Cleaning grout in bathrooms is usually worst when dealing with high-use areas like showers. Predictably, there's a great deal of elbow grease required to get rid of muck, dirt and soap scum that builds up on grout. Taking the right approach, however, can make your job A LOT easier.

Steam Cleaning
Perhaps the easiest, and coincidentally, the most environmentally friendly option for cleaning grout in bathrooms is using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning, a few years ago, used to be reserved for cleaning carpets, but over the last few years, has become much more popular for other uses, including tile and grout cleaning.

Steam cleaners use high water pressure in combination with high-temperature, to loosen dirt and scum. The water particles hit the surface you are cleaning, loosening and lifting away dirt with almost no effort, and the temperature of the water sterilizes the area you are cleaning. Steam cleaning moldy bathroom grout is often effective, and saves you a lot of effort.

There are a number of different sizes of steam cleaners available. For cleaning grout in bathrooms, a small to moderately sized machine should do the trick.

The Disadvantage of Steam Cleaning
There is, however, a huge disadvantage to cleaning grout in bathrooms with a steam cleaner: the machines are expensive to either hire or buy, and are bulky and annoying to have sitting around the house. That worries most people. So here's a few tips to on how to easily clean grout in bathrooms without significant expense:

Other Cleaning Methods
For efficient cleaning of grout you should use a strong cleaning product such as a product that has bleach as an ingredient.

1. First, ensure you have adequate ventilation to avoid the risk of breathing dangerous fumes.

2. Wear protective gloves and old clothes to minimize any chance of getting the products on skin.

3. Apply the product n the area you want to clean. Let it sit there to soak in and loosen the dirt for up to half an hour, depending on the product.

4. Scrub the area with a grout brush or old toothbrush, especially on particularly dirty spots.

5. Rinse the cleaned area with drinking water. Repeat the above steps if cleaning is unsuccessful the first time.

This method should successfully clean your grout, with as little effort as possible.


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