People who are involved in bootcamps know that it is very challenging and asks a great deal from the individual mentally and physically. The case gets even more intense in the case of bootcamps Canada where the trainers focus to provide superior fitness levels to those who attend. The methods employed by trainers and camps vary based on their judgement on the training. However, there are several common workout methods that one could expect after entering a bootcamp. Knowing them beforehand would prepare an individual to get trained and be fit without having any nervousness or anxiety.

The Tabata

There is no doubt that Tabatas are great for those looking to loose their weight and become fit. It is a very peculiar method where multiple exercise involved that needs to be performed in a very short span of time. Generally, the exercises in Tabatas are performed within twenty seconds after which a ten second break is taken and the process is repeated until all the set exercises are complete. In Canada, Body Buster Fitness camp is well-known to have organized Tabatas that help to gain unbelievable fitness levels.


Probably one of the difficult workouts in bootcamps, the circuits need an individual to perform 3-10 types of exercises to get fit. The period often starts with division of exerices amongst the trainees ensuring that everyone does every exercise specified to them. Most fitness boot camps offer the circuits but are very careful while handling them.


As the name suggests, it involves collaborating with other trainee to accomplish a task. It can sometimes be a simple completion of the exercise that involves twor or achieving a hard earned task that cannot be done individually. Partnering in bootcamps Canada help in understanding each other making it possible to build team work.

Time schedules

Exercises are expected to be complete based on the time set either by the individual or the trainer. However, the time needs to be set realistically as one cannot waste ten minutes for complete ten push ups. Therefore, it is advisable to have the trainer set a schedule to work on and it helps the individual to perform exercises in the most appropriate manner.


This might involve the participation of few individuals or it can be taken under the supervision of the trainer. Challenges include overcoming hurdles, proving fitness, breaking time records, etc. For example, the most employed challenge is to complete 100 push ups in ten minutes of time. Individual with the least amount of time wins. Challenges help people to concentrate as there will be encouragement to win.


There are several kinds of tests in fitness boot camps that individuals are expected to perform well. There are REP tests, weekly fitness tests, spot surprise tests, etc. that require great concentration and physical abilities. These tests are very important to make an individual strong and keep him motivated to continue with the workouts.

All these methods are complicated, yet they generate great curiousity amongst the participants. It is fun and at the same time serious to get involved in bootcamps. So, expect great levels of fitness and loads of entertainment as you enter the world of bootcamps.


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