The generic term of Muscle Exteme Super Anadrol is known as Oxymetholone. It is an anabolic steroid used for treating aplastic anemia. In veterinary conditions, the benefits small and older animals for appetite improvement and adds strength in them. Super Anadrol is referred to Anadrol 50 and Anadrolic 50, and you need to consume it orally.

How to consume Anadrol?

A lot of people need to know how to use this prohormone supplement to not make any mistake with Anadrol usage. You should always look for the oral forms, which is also more available in the market. However, there are reports that Dan Duchaine used to once inject Anadrol. However, that is not how it is usually produced.

Anadrol is a 17-Alpha-Alkylated (17aa), which means it effective for people to survive the initial phase when it is about liver as there is adaption at 17th carbon point. People can consume their oral forms without stressing about absorption. Dosage for men using Anadrol is anywhere from 50 to 100 mg per day, and then it is added with more types of bulking steroids like Deca Durabolin and testosterone.

Dosages for women are not same to that of men. Women can consume around 10 mg of the steroid, but this was tested only for women who are into fitness. The half life of Anadrol 50 is 9 hours and people need to consume it twice a day. The dosage must be in two parts and taken separately.

The product names you need to lookout for are Anadrol, Anadroll, Oxydex, Anapolon, Oxyanabolic, A50, Abombs, Super Anadrol, Hemogenin, Anadrollic, and Anadrolic.

Athletic Benefits of Anadrol

Anabolic features in Anadrol help supersede the effects of the drug of nitrogen retention and weight gain. These characteristics of anabolic properties entail an increase in the bone mineral, and neutralize the effects of tissue breakdown in corticosteroids. People have a better appetite as well as behavioral changes that exhibit motivation and extraversion. For extroversion, users don’t get introverted but more sociable.

There are many surveys done by athletes and that reveals high popularity of Super Anadrol as a 17-alkylated anabolic steroid. It is one of the drugs that is used for global sports competitions. Additionally, the steroids have caused athletes to get disqualified from completion and the medals that have won have been forfeited.

The athletic dosages are based on the effectiveness and due to the lack of guidelines for strength or weight gain towards anabolic steroids. People tend to ingest Anadrol in high doses of 150 mg every day with other anabolic steroids.

Side Effects

Now that you know how to use this prohormone supplement, you must not neglect the side effects of the drug either. Anadrol is related to effects like higher blood pressure, lower back pumps and cramps, headaches, acne, bloated face, gynecomastia, and liver problems. People must customize their usages of the drug accordingly so that can make the most of the benefits and have less of the side effects.

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