Trenbolone, which is also known as Tren in some countries, is a steroid with anabolic and androgenic properties from the 19-nortestosterone group. This steroid is originally used for livestock such as cows and goats for them to gain more meat in their bodies. This steroid can also help in appetite increase in animals. But nowadays, people find Tren as a good bodybuilding steroid so the said steroid is now used by humans as well.

However, since Tren was designed for animals, it causes very serious and even lethal complication in the human body. This is the reason why in some countries, Tren is illegal to buy, sell and possess. A country, in particular, is Australia. Trenbolone use in Australia can have you sentenced with punishments and legal actions. However, even though that was the case, people still buy this steroid online or even at a local black market.

However, the questions are: what are the benefits of Trenbolone that make people buy and use it? And also what are its side effects that made it dangerous and illegal? Below are the benefits, side effects and legality of Trenbolone that you must know before purchasing one.

Its Benefits

Tren is the much-preferred steroid for power lifters. This steroid produces lean muscles and cuts back body fat but it doesn’t turn the body into a huge bulk. It creates a smaller muscular body physique. Moreover, its energy-boosting properties are very wondrous which is perfect for weightlifting or power lifting.

Its Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, Tren has some very serious side effects that if further misused or abused can lead to some very lethal effects. One of these side effects is kidney and liver failure. Tren has some components that can affect the functioning of your liver and kidney in a very toxic way that can lead to the organ failure. Tren can also cause enlargement of the heart and gastrointestinal side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. It can also cause some minor skin problems like acnes all over the body like other steroids. But comparing to other steroids, acne problems cause by Tren is the worst. Women who use Tren can experience menstrual abnormalities while men can experience erectile dysfunctionality. It also has a psychological effect on users such as anxiety, insomnia, and aggressive moods. It can also cause night terrors.

It’s Legality

Because of its very serious side effects, some countries banned buying and selling of Tren within its territories. Not only Australia prohibits the said steroid but also the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal. In the United States, a mere possession of Tren is a very serious violation of the law. However, there is, of course, an exemption to the law. If it is for medical purposes, you can buy Tren. You just have to present a prescription.

Because of these, experts’ advice Tren users or other people who are planning to buy Trenbolone to go for alternatives such as Testosterone, which has fewer side effects. Taking in mind your doctor’s advice and also his prescription is a must because your health should always come first before taking these steroids.

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