Are you that parent who thinks dental care must be done only when permanent teeth come? Having a beautiful white smile as a grown-up person starts with practicing great dental care as a child. Dealing with those teeth in childhood prompts a lifetime of oral and general wellbeing. Knowing where to start is the initial step to shaping good habits, hygiene and dental health in your children. Your dental specialist at helps every parent to follow a health habit for your children’s dental care.

Here are ten hints for enhancing the dental health of your lovely kids.

These tips are tried and tested methods and those who practice right from the beginning when your child starts teething will have a positive impact in their oral care.

  • Start dental care when baby is 6 months old

Children should see a dental practitioner for their first checkup within one year of their first child tooth coming in. To consult the best dentist, visit


  • Educate the kids

Instruct your kids the significance of cleaning their teeth and hygienic practices. When they are toddlers it is parents’ responsibility to take care of their baby teeth.

  • Consult a Pedodontist

Many parents don’t know that there are doctors to take care of only kids’ teeth. Taking your kid to a dental practitioner that spotlights on giving a fun and benevolent environment for children can wipe off any fear.

  • Brushing time must be happy

Sing a fun song during brushing time and let it be a happiness time for your child rather than forcefully brushing their teeth.

  • Be cautious

Get some information about sealants or fluoride applications that will help ensure against cavities before they happen.

  • No-no to bottle feed

Remove the bottle feed once babies fell asleep. Try not to breast feed them while sleeping. This is because you won’t clean baby’s mouth after every feed at night and this causes microorganism to accumulate and leads to tooth decay.

  • No-no to sucking thumbs

If your kid is as yet sucking his or her thumb, make sure you stop their habit. Sucking thumbs lead to misaligned teeth and speech problems.

  • Beware of medications

Converse with your pediatrician about how some medications could influence your child’s teeth. Kids’ medicine can regularly be sweet and sugary, and kids who take long haul medications can be more prone tooth decay.

  • Check the water

Have your home’s water supply tried for fluoride? Fluoride enables battle against early tooth to decay, the most widely recognized dental issues in children.

  • Check when they brush

Once your children start brushing and flossing on their own, watch them until you’re sure they’ve made great dental cleanliness a habit.

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