If you want to purchase a water filter for your household, it is essential to understand its characteristics before you enter the market. It is challenging to find appropriate one especially if you are not familiar with its features.

You can browse incredible amount of information that will only provide you pain in the head due to inability to comprehend it until you realize which factors to consider. When trying to choose a new filter, you should look online for reviews and talk in-person with experts that understand this particular technology.

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  1. Filtration Power

Different types of water require different types of water filters. You probably did not know that some water filters are capable of filtering only specific contaminants.

Therefore, before you choose the appropriate water filter, you should check your city’s contaminants. Even if you have clean and great water that meets state and EPA standards, you will still need a water filter to improve the quality of water that you wish to drink.

If you want to check the number of contaminants in your city’s water, we recommend you to lookatthe water quality report in your state from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, you will be able to find all contaminants detected in water, which will allow you to compare it with EPA and the Department of Health maximum containment level goal (MCLG).

When you decide to check your city’s water quality report, you will get the appropriate idea on contaminants inside the water you use such as lead and other harmful chemicals that could taint your water and leach from your pipes.

We recommend you to test your waterbecause that way you will be able to reduce the hassle of checking and imagining what happens with the tap water you use. You can click here to visit EPA website for more information on water testing in your area.

  1. POE (Point of Entry) or POU (Point of Use) Filters

The two types of water filters are available for your household use. POE filters will purify all water that enters your home, while POU filters will filter only from one water source. You can use pitcher filters as a great example of a POU filtration system. However, the question is which one is the best for your specific needs?

POE filters are great because they will ensure the additional safety when compared with other water filtration systems. It will reduce the possibility of accidental contamination by using unfiltered water source. At the same time, it will treat all the water inside your house.

On the other hand, POE filters require more maintenance and are more expensive than POU filters. If you want to purify all water within your household, including laundry, shower,and toilet, then you should consider this particular type of water filters.

  1. Maintenance and Cost

There are numerous things available on the market nowadays, which is why it is difficult to determine which one is suitable for your specific needs. Therefore, you should make a budget based on your capabilities, and include up-front costs such as energy usage and future maintenance so that you can reduce the possibilityof an additional cost.

Most filters vary in price a lot, so everything depends on your capabilities and what you wish to achieve. All-house water filters are convenient because you will need initial investment, butin the long run, it will save you from energy expenses. However, it requires frequent maintenance at least once a year, but you will have purified water within your household.


If you ask experts at NSF (National Science Foundation) on the best water filtration system, they will remind you that everything depends on contaminants you wish to filter out. However, reverse osmosis filters produce the purest water that can even remove pharmaceutical byproducts as well as pesticides from your tap water.

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