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The people who work in the food companies only know the importance of halal certifications on the products. The halal and non-halal goods are two different products. They both are different from each other in many terms and conditions. The quality management is verified for both the products. But, the halal certifications have become important in the food industry. When you contact some halal certification agency, you would know it circumstances. The halal and non- halal products are sold in the retail stores. The halal products are introduced by considering the Muslims and their culture. If you are in the food industry you can understand the necessity of halal certifications.

The halal is the word derived from the “Quran”, the holy book of Muslim religion. The people in that religion believe that they can eat the food which is halal certified as it reaches the mark of their religion and rules set by their god which is mentioned in the holy book. The halal certification service in canada, has also started they work and it is just to keep the rules on track.

The food sold in the retail should be halal certified and that should be mentioned on the product by some trade mark sign. The trade mark is given by the reputed halal certification companies in canada, so that people may easily find the products of halal certified. The products may not have any special covering or packaging. Everything would be the trade mark sign. People may also buy the normal products which are not certified by the halal certifying agencies.

People may think what are the differences between the halal and non- halal products. Let us see what are the major differences. The foods where halal certifications are marked have the following things:

meat shop

  1. As per the reports of halal certification service in canada, the food must not have any components or ingredients which the Muslims are prohibited to eat as per their holy book.
  2. The preparation process of food should be done according to the Islamic laws.
  3. The utensils, storage things, machinery should be used as per the procedure explained in the Islamic laws and holy book.
  4. The use of pork meat at any stage of preparation is prohibited. The ingredients should also be followed as per the rules of Islam.
  5. The halal certification companies in canada, state that the usage of alcohol is prohibited. Even the alcohol should not be used as a cleaning agent.

The non- halal animal fat is also invalid of usage. Pork products, unspecified meat, stock products, non-halal spices, etc are prohibited. These are some major things which are to be noticed and followed. The halal certified products are certified easily. The companies check the products and pass the audits. Once the audits pass the products can be certified. These are some of the criteria for halal certification products. There are many firms which will help to complete this process of certification in legal ways.

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