It is a misconception that just consuming steroids will help in weight loss. Steroids are nothing but a nail on one side of the frame. If the frame has to stand on its own, then the other side too should have a nail. Consider the body as the frame and one of the nails as steroids, then the other nail is good food and moderate exercises. With the right steps and the right attitude, you will be on to your lean figure much sooner than others and you will have the steroids to thank for.

While working out, protein needs of your body goes up which requires you to take more of proteins than necessary. Protein powders are quite common supplements used by most of the body builders which is essential for building muscles. Protein powders when compared to other body building dietary supplements are cost effective as well which makes affording them quite easy. But care must be taken to see that you take your normal healthy food alongside the protein powder. For best results the protein powder needs to be taken before during and after workout session. They are many brands available in the market and can be easily purchased. But before buying tem make sure that you either consult your trainer or your friend who is in the business of body building quite some time. Nandrolone Decanoate, Trenbolone and Metandrostenolone is some of the steroids with medical benefits. Read more about Tenbolone.



Trenbolone is another steroid that is used as an injectable anabolic steroid that helps in muscle gain in the user. It is similar to testosterone in chemical structure and has similar effects on the body.

Benefits of trenbolone

  • This is a drug that causes muscle hardenig and increases muscle mass in the user.
  • It speeds up the muscle building process of the body and enables the user to gain a strong muscular structure much faster than any other drug can achieve.
  • A very attractive factor associated with this drug is that it attaches strongly to the androgen receptor, even more stronger than testosterone does and so it helps in faster fat loss.
  • Trenbolone is a good drug that allows more nitrogen retention in muscles. This allows it to inhibit the muscle destroying hormones like cortisol, and allows the user to retain the muscular structure he has painstakingly built up.
  • It also improves the feed efficiency and absorption of minerals that are consumed through food. As a result, everything good in the diet is properly utilized in the body for muscle mass building, when this drug is used.
  • Treonbolone promotes the production of RBC’s in the body, and hence hastens recovery, should the user be injured.


The dosage of this drug depends on the condition it is used for. Higher dosages are suggested for greater effects, but in all cases, the dosage shouldn’t exceed the maximum recommended quantities that are suggested on the accompanying literature. Visit steroidly for more knowhow.

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