Would you like to have a complete restful sleep at night? That is, sleeping like a baby without any worries or not getting the feel of insomnia or not getting disturbed from sleep in the middle of night or any other factors that could disturb your peaceful sleep. In order to overcome these kinds of issues, one could see a lot of therapies which involves no medications. It is said to be the holistic approach that is helpful for finding a better life and a feel good kind of thing. The treatment that could satisfy all the above mentioned things is the Whole Body Cryotherapy. So for getting the best experience during the treatment, it is better to get appointment with the best clinic. For example, the WBC treatment at AdvancedCryo Clinic is the top rated one which is preferred by many people around the globe.

Cryotherapy- a cold therapy!

The term Cryotherapy is originated from Greek words which mean “cold” and “cure”.  Thus, as the name implies, the treatment involves applying cold on the area which is suffering from pain. Since the ancient times, applying ice on the swollen area is a common practice that helps in reducing the swelling. This method even helps in reducing pain in the affected region. In this Cryotherapy, a brief cold is applied on the top layer of the skin that helps in obtaining the relief from pain. When the cold is applied on the skin, it takes care of the soft tissues, nervous system, internal organs, etc. Various studies have also revealed that this cold treatment even promotes the growth of new cells in the body.

Some benefits of Cryotherapy

The WBC treatment at AdvancedCryo Clinic is offering a lot of benefits which are as follows:

  • It helps in reducing the swelling and soreness
  • Gives more energy
  • One can do heavy exercises without much hassle
  • Enhances the circulation of blood in the body
  • Increases the function of joints and muscle
  • Increases the immunity level in the body
  • Blemish free skin
  • Enhances the skin quality
  • Conditions the nails and hair
  • Promotes weight loss

A better treatment for people at all ages

No matter whether you are suffering from a pain in your backbone or having any kind of nervous issues, the Cryotherapy is helpful in obtaining the relief from all such pains. As this involves no medication, this treatment is preferred by many people worldwide. People who are bored of taking medicines even for a small pain can make use of Cryotherapy for a better living. Now one may want to know how this cold is applied on the skin! For this, you will be put on a chamber called cryosauna where the nitrogen gas reduces the temperature to a very low level namely 274F. This automatically reduces the temperature in the skin and the entire body. This hyper-cooling effect will be given for three minutes. That’s all the treatment will be over after that. So in short, this treatment can be called as an uncomfortable ice bath which is very good in treating any kinds of swelling or pain or nerve issues in the body.



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