From childhood, children develop a phobia towards dentists and the dentist chair. This might be because of the methods that involve pain and the instruments that seem a bit barbaric. Although, dentistry is a subtle subject many consider it otherwise. Therefore, dentists in Peterborough Ontario employed a procedure that helps to relax the patient while the treatment is ongoing. There are different methods that one can employ while going for sedation dentistry; however, one can expect a few things as mentioned below from the procedure. Read them so that it would be easier to sit in a dentist chair with the knowledge of the procedure.

Is sedation right for you?

As the name suggests sedation dentistry involves the use of medicine that relaxes the patient through intravenous injection. They are slightly powerful and needs to be modified based on the medical history of the patients. It is appropriate to contact us today to know about the compatibility with the treatment. Taking an appointment with the dentist and getting clearance for sedation is the only way that one could get to this procedure for dental problems.

Assessment of the dentist


After knowing the medical history and drug history of the patient, the dentist will ask the patient to have X-ray or X-rays of the problematic areas. By determining the condition a Peterborough dentist would explain the need, pros and cons of sedative dentistry. It is very important to note that the patient should not conceal anything while trying to have sedation dentistry as it could prove costly regarding the health. The dentist will give the appointment for the procedure.

The Day of Procedure

During the appointment day it is suggestible to bring someone who can drive back home as the sedation can cause dizziness. The patient should not drive or work or do anything for a period of one day. All these precautions are beforehand given to the patient by the doctor and they ought to be followed with perfection.

The Procedure

The sedative is given to the patient in the dentist’s chamber in the presence of dentists in Peterborough Ontario. A nurse or anaesthetist will perform the sedation and it is not observed to be painful as it takes effect immediately near the piercing region. After the work of the sedative administrator is complete, the doctor will take over the treatment.  He or she will examine the assessment and gives small dose of numbness causing medication near the teeth so that there won’t be any feeling of pain. Then, the doctor will proceed with the oral treatment as necessary. The patient will be awake to watch the entire procedure but there will be no painful sensations.

Post Procedure Care

Once the oral treatment is complete, the Peterborough dentist will give instructions to the patient regarding the care that needs to be taken. The most important one is taking rest for 24 hours without doing anything, which help to wear off the effects of the sedative.

As it can be observed, there is nothing to be afraid with the sedation dentistry as patient would not feel a thing. Now that the formal procedure of this technique is revealed ask your dentist for such options for a perfect oral care.

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