Plastic surgery is a rather age old practice, it is not just a means to beautify oneself but also a way to rectify certain deformities of your body. Plastic surgery can be practically performed on almost all parts of the body. One of the most common surgeries of plastic or cosmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty or the surgery of the nose. Famous names like Dr. Dean Toriumi as a specialist of Rhinoplasty come up at the mere mention of this surgery.

Dr. Toriumi has a facial plastic surgery centre in Chicago where he and his staff endeavor to provide the most natural looking results for their top class patients. The comfort, service and confidence of the patient are among the top three things on their priority list, and this in turn has led to his fame all around the globe in the field of Rhinoplasty. Dr. Dean Toriumi , in fact, even trains physicians at the University of Illinois and carries out various research activities there.

Now, what exactly is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is nothing but the reformation or reshaping of the nose. Depending on the specification of the patient, the doctors, attempt to reshape the nose, making it either small or large or even changing the angle of the nose in accordance with the upper lip. Correction of the nose bumps or indents and changing the tip of the nose are other commonly done things in a nose job.

This kind of surgery involves the making of incisions inside the nose, so that no cuts or marks can be visible post the surgery. The surgeon accesses bones and cartilages that support the nose and makes alterations in them. At times tissues need to be added to the bones or cartilage, these tissues are either taken from other body parts or synthetic fillers are used in its place. After all this restructuring has been done, the skin is carefully redraped over the nose just as it was before.

The Nose Surgery That the World Bothered About

Splints are placed on the outside of the nose to help the newly carved nose take shape properly. The Rhinoplasty surgery begins with anesthesia which is either local or general. It is not a very lengthy process usually and is so mostly done as an outpatient procedure however; there may be cases when the patient is required to stay at least one night at the hospital.

The nose is a very important and prominent structure of the face; hence it is not advisable to show any kind of negligence in its handling. It is therefore that anyone who intends to get a nose surgery or Rhinoplasty done ought to be very careful in selecting the surgeon who is to perform the surgery. Always remember that a Rhinoplasty surgeon should have specialization not just in plastic surgery but in plastic surgery of the ear, nose and throat as well.

A thorough research on the background and qualification of the doctor is a must especially in cases of plastic surgery, as a tiny mistake in the surgery could drastically ruin the rest of your life.

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