Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes is prevalent in almost all countries. Millions of people on this planet have diabetes and leading a painful life. Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to sudden death or permanent disablement. There are different types of diabetes like infant, gestational, Type 2 and Type 1 and so on. The pancreas is a vital organ in the human body which secretes insulin round the clock, and if the level of production reduces, the blood glucose level drastically will shoot up quickly.

This stage is generally termed as diabetes mellitus. Newborn babies, children, teens, adults, and elders are steadily falling prey to diabetes and doctors predict that this count will only increase in the future. It is interesting to note that there is no cure for diabetes and one who falls prey to this disease should be under medical treatment throughout his life. There is also a stage namely prediabetes wherein the sugar level will shoot suddenly and then come back to normal. This is not categorized as diabetes and individuals who suffer from a sudden increase in blood glucose level should immediately rush to diabetes center and consult a physician who has experience in treating diabetes and hypertension.

Prediabetes is a warning sign

As per medical terminology, the term prediabetes is when the blood glucose level is much higher than the normal parameter but not that high enough to be considered as diabetes mellitus. Visitors who are seriously concerned about health and wellbeing should explore the complete list of prediabetes symptoms. Hispanic, Asians and people who are living in eastern countries are prone to diabetes than westerners. Individuals who suffer from high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, obesity, overweight and family history of diabetes are prone to get diabetes quickly. Men, women, and children who are obese or overweight should do moderate exercise daily and manage their height-weight proportion.

People who have a family history of Type 1 diabetes should do a blood test every year and be on the safer side. Mid-aged people who are in the age group of 45 and above are more prone to diabetes and if they suffer from overweight, lack of exercises, poor eating habits, poor visions, excessive thirst and other such problems, they should do blood screening immediately and rule out diabetes. They should register here and take part in a simple quiz. Since there is no cure for diabetes, youngsters and elders should actively be involved in sports, aerobic and athletic activities so that they can stay away from diabetes permanently.  Living with diabetes is dangerous since many diseases will hit the patients black and blue in due course.  Answer the simple questions which are shown here and get the best treatment plans for prediabetic symptoms.

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