Many women feel ashamed due to smaller breasts and underdeveloped breasts. Perfectly shaped and sized breasts add to the physical beauty of a woman. Many times one may feel to increase breast size but doesn’t have proper knowledge so doesn’t go ahead with the plan. It is a health issue where the women prefer to keep silence than revealing her preference and hence they have to suffer a lot as far as their personality is concerned. The allopathic options such as medicines, ointments, and creams can also be tried, but they are costly as well as with side effects. Hence one cannot go for any of these options on her own. There are surgical methods and processed medicines available which claim to increase breast size, but they aren’t recommendable. There are some home remedies available which one can try at home and see effective results in terms of increase of breasts over a period. The best part of these remedies is they are free from any sort of negative effects on the health.

Here are some natural tips to increase breast size naturally.

Fenugreek Seeds Consumption

Fenugreek seeds normally known as “methi” contain both phytoestrogen and diosgenin which inhibit prolactin secretion in a female’s body. The prolactin hormone is responsible for breast development in a female body. One can directly eat the seeds or grind those to make a paste and use the paste to massage on breasts. The paste can also be used with mustard oil for massaging purpose. However, a higher dose of fenugreek seeds may result in stomach uneasiness.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds can be directly chewed as it doesn’t harm the body. One can also use fennel seed powder in cooking methods for taste purpose. Moreover, these seeds can be added to any massage oil and then massage can be taken. If the consumption amount is increased beyond the recommended dose, there might be a nervous system break down.

Cobra Pose (Yoga)

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana as they call it in yoga terminology can also help increase the breast size. One has to lie down on the belly surface with both legs straight and hands on the side of the chest. One has to lift up the torso very slowly making sure that she is looking at the ceiling. For better results, this pose shall be continued for few seconds and should be exercised for 10-15 minutes.

Consume Milk

Milk or milk products contain a lot of fat. Breast tissues are made up of fat so consuming milk items can help one increase the breast size. It is recommended that one consumes whole milk because it isn’t a low-fat milk. It is to be noted here that increased milk consumption can add weight to the body and make one look bulkier, so one has to make sure that the right amount of milk is consumed.

Soya Milk

Soy milk contains protein and isoflavones in abundance. Isoflavones duplicate the harmonic effect such as estrogen and hence is helpful in increasing breast size . Soya milk is obtained from soy milk and can also provide effective results fast.

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