It is important to eat well and we know it. Nutrition program keeps us healthy and also helps perform better during exercises. For people involved in strenuous activities, such as regular strength training or high-intensity workouts/cardio workouts, nutrition program is also important.

The body has special dietary needs before, during, and after an intense workout such as weight training session.

Nutrition before Training

During the exercise, your body needs enough fuel. This means, you should consume some carbohydrates along with some protein before workouts. This could be oat, protein shake, sandwich, or protein shake.


Food during Training

Especially if a long workout, you should consume some simple carbohydrates, such as juice or sports drinks.

Why You Should Eat During The Training?

Such bodies must be in a condition known as balance: nothing has changed, everything’s good, no earnings surprises, keep on keepin’ on.

Biologically, the workout is to emphasize the body that make the body to adapt by getting a little stronger or fitter. After the workout, the body need to find a way to manage more effectively so that next time it won’t be a problem.

After a training session, a tiny bit of body damage at the cellular level, and this damage not only in areas where you have worked on that day. It is involve whole system: muscle tissue, the hormonal environment, immune system, etc. The body needs to fix this damage to get stronger and adaptation.

The Role of Protein for Repair – after Training

Protein is the “brick” of the muscles (amino acids are the building blocks of proteins), while exercising break it down, it calls protein degradation. After training, it is built up again, it calls protein synthesis. The current session is known for building-up/break-down, which is happen constantly, it calls protein turnover.

The body cannot synthesize protein; they need food to do so. So, after a training session, you need to ensure that the body has the fuel it needs to do its job.

Consume some starchy carbohydrates or simple sugar to make high insulin, which then shoves nutrients to cells more effectively.

Consume Some Proteins For Immediate

Tip: make easy protein shake after a workout that meets the requirements of carbs plus protein shake and some fruit juice with some soy protein powder in a plastic pot.

In addition, you should make sure the trainees to consume another meal of carbs and protein (this time consuming more complex carbohydrates, like whole grains) within hours after your training.

Leucine – Ideal Protein

What kind of the best protein? A recent study (Norton and layman 2006) came to the provocative conclusion: leucine amino acids play a key role in protein synthesis, and in fact, feed protein faster than anything else.

The more you eat, the more the body get leucine. Well, in the study of Norton and Layman, a complete meal containing protein (or leucine alone) produce full recovery of muscle protein synthesis during the first hour after a comprehensive training. Woah!

You can find higher leucine on some food, such as: soy protein (especially soy protein powder), cottage cheese, fish (particularly tuna and cod), turkey, egg white.

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