Diabetes one of the major chronic lifestyle diseases is increasing day to day. The cause of worry is that it increases double fold. At present 180 million people are suffering from diabetes according to a study from WHO. This diabetes could strike anyone of any age. There are so many factors that influence the disease. Even children are prone to diabetes. There are three types of diabetes which affects the lifestyle of many people. Type -1 diabetes, type – 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. Most of the people suffer from type-2 diabetes.

Signs of diabetes

There are more signs that could inform one that the person has developed diabetes. They are

Frequent urination

Unusual thirst

Sudden weight loss

Extremely feeling fatigue

Unusual hunger

Wounds and cuts would take time to heal

A person would get these common symptoms when he or she develops diabetes. Diabetes though does not pose any threat to life, poses a potential threat to develop many fatal diseases. A diabetic patient in the long run with uncontrolled diabetes may develop blindness, gangrene which would demand amputation of body parts and even kidney failures. Therefore, it is very important to keep diabetes under control.

There are lots of things to do to keep diabetes under control. Till now, there are no possibilities of reversing the diabetes. However, one could keep diabetes under control to have a check on other complications that arise due to diabetes. The first and foremost thing a diabetic patient should do is to have regular checkups done. not only the blood sugar level but also should have an eye on lipid profile. It is very important to monitor the lipid profile since diabetic patients are prone to have these diseases.

The diabetic patients should also maintain healthy weight. Increase in the weight may cause array of issues to incite. It is a must to manage weight meticulously by maintaining diet and exercise. The sweet foes should maintain a healthy diet to keep the disease under control. Diet is very much important to travel with diabetes with ease. Fiber rich food which includes whole cereals is a healthier option instead of Maida and rice. Fiber rich food would help to maintain weight and also would help to control blood sugar levels. Eating good and healthy snacks would also help a lot. Raw and cooked vegetables would help to have more fiber and vitamins.

However it is not good to completely avoid sweets which would give brain a bad signal for a thrust for sweets. It is good to treat once in a while with sugar free sweets. Keeping a regular regime of physical activity would help people to keep sugar levels under control.

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