Every medical procedure comes with advantages and disadvantages, even with a surgery that is as modern as Relex Smile. That’s why as a patient, you have to be fully informed of all the pros and cons so you can decide whether the cons outweigh the pros or not. Check out the list below for some of the advantages and disadvantages of Relex SMILE:


Flapless surgery – one of the main reasons why patients choose Relex SMILE is because it is flapless. But what does flapless mean? In LASIK surgery, your surgeon will be creating a circular flap that is about 20 mm in size in order access the underlying cornea. This flap creating process is eliminated in ReLEx SMILE surgery. Patients still benefit with good visual outcome through a keyhole surgery that is just less than 4mm. Because the process flapless, there is no need to worry about any flap complications or flap dislocation due to any serious trauma to eye.

Lesser Risk of Dry Eye – our eye has nerves endings around the cornea which are essential to trigger tears production. In LASIK, our nerve endings’ 20mm circumference is affected while in Relex SMILE, it is only 4mm. This large amount difference between the two procedures creates a huge effect on our vision. The greater amount of preserved corneal nerves in ReLEx SMILE procedure means there is lesser incidence of dry eye syndrome since the corneal sensation is less compromised.

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Painless and fast recovery – ReLEx SMILE is preferred by many since it is a virtually painless, comfortable, and fast procedure. In fact, your vision will begin to improve within the initial twenty-four hours. According to many patients, by next day they have already achieved good functional vision. . However, you still need to visit your doctor the following day for the required follow up eye exam.

Minimum recovery time – in just 3 days, the patient can go back to their regular routine. Because the surgery is minimally invasive, you only have to be on eye medication for a short duration time. Just be sure to follow your surgeon’s advice on the things that you can and cannot do after the operation.




Not for patients with long-sightedness – Relex Smile is not suitable for those who have long-sightedness. This means that it is only advisable for patients with shortsightedness or myopia and with astigmatism. It is also not suitable for low corrections of below 150 degrees.

One time procedure – it is a one-time procedure. In case there will be a need for enhancement, it needs to be done on the surface like in PRK.

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