Everyone wants to be fit not fat. Overweight is not only something which is not appealing to the eyes but it has got major health issues as well. But losing fat is not anymore a tough task like before with clenbutrol. No more heavy exercises and diets to burn those extra calories and fats. Lose your weight as easy as sipping a cup of tea and that safely. Increase your metabolism, burn fat while gaining muscles and lose weight how much you want burning fat with potent thermogenic.

It is available in form of drops as well as pills for your convenience. It is safe to use for both men and women. It is a medication to asthma but is widely used as a fat burner.  Right dosage is always necessary to avoid side effects and keep away from further complications as overdosage can be dangerous. So to stay on a safer side, it is always advised to start with a dosage of 20mg per day. Men can even start with 40mg.

When to take clen during the day for faster and stronger results?

Well, it is always better to take the pill or liquid before the workout. As workout is done in morning most of the time, try taking it early in the morning before starting the workout.  It is not recommended to use it evening or night because it may create difficulties in sleeping. Always check for side effects taking a small amount first and carry on with taking it and increasing the dose gradually. The dose varies for men and women. Men can go up to 140mcg per day but the maximum dose of women should never exceed 100mcg. Exceeding the prescribed dose can cause heart disease and other dangerous effects. So be very particular about the dose.

One dose stays with us for like two days. Use clen for the maximum of 16 weeks for better results. You will start seeing the result from the eighth week to sixteenth week where you definitely will have lost so much of weight. Liquid clenbuterol is the most popular among the other types available but for beginners, pills will be more easy to use to get the exact dosage. Don’t forget to drink more water or intake any form of liquid as taking this can cause excessive sweating which results in dehydration and weakness.

People with heart disease, high blood pressure, people taking medication for thyroid and heart problems, heavy workout doing people etc. should stay away from this to avoid any risks. At the same time, it shouldn’t be solely depended for weight loss. The healthy diet and daily exercise is very important to keep you healthy and speed up the process. There are reports of losing about two kilos in a week taking this. It is very stronger than any of the other fat burners available in the market. It works so much so those bodies become unable to store glycogen thus increasing the metabolism. Thus you lose body fat.

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