Let the old saying – Healthy body, healthy mind, serve you as a motivation to tighten muscles and shape your body. Because satisfaction with the appearance on the physical plan can greatly improve your mood. In addition to the motto, the will of exercise is also important, because this is the only way to keep the exercising regular. For more information browse our website now.

A part of the body that almost certainly contributes to the good appearance of the figure is tightened muscles of the buttocks and legs. Therefore, if you are a bit of bored bythe squatting exercises, it is recommended to start exercising with the help of a large pilates ball. They are special because they are fun, but the most important thing is that they can quickly give a result.
Before you begin to exercise, it is important to warm yourself up well with a light run, and after exercising, make sure to stretch your muscles.

Lifting up your pelvis

Lye on the back and holdthe ball with your toes. Then gently bend your knees and lift the back until your body becomes parallel to the floor. Keep your hands off the body since they are your main support. Use your feet to slowly get the ball towards your body, so that your hips and buttocks stand in the same place, and that your whole foot is leaning against the ball. The bums and leg calves should form a triangle.

Put the pressure on the legs

Lye on the stomach. Keep the ball between the calves and the feet. Stretch your hands over your head, and gently pull your head out of the backing so that it is in the same level as the spine. At the same time lift the ball and the arms from the ground. When lifting, the muscles of the legs and buttocks are further strained. Hold the tensioned position for 10 seconds, and beware. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Lye on your stomach, lift up your arms, and rest your feet and your thighs on the ball. Do not fold your hands in the elbows, the head and spine should be at the same level. The exercise consists in slowly lifting one leg and return it to the ball, but not leaning against it. Do 10 to 12 reps, then change your leg. When lifting your leg, it is important to keep your buttocks tightened for a better balance.

Do 10 squats as soon as you get up

Fitness experts advise that in order to achieve the desired results, time and commitment are necessary, and for its maintenance, the adoption of certain habits. Therefore, if you want to be fit, it is important that you:

– Start the day with a glass of lemon juice mixed with a lukewarm water;

– Do 10 squats for good morning or good night;

– Be sure to drink enough fluids;

– Stretch yourself regularly;

– Do not limit the intake of vegetables;

– Thinking positively;

– You do not starve, but regularly practice and eat healthy food.

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