As incidents of obesity are on the rise, the popularity of gastric bypass surgery is also soaring.  First tried out in the early seventies, the surgical procedure that has worked wonders fighting obesity is perhaps the most preferred bariatric treatment.  Figures would reveal how popular this procedure has been. Out of 6 million obese people in America who are declared morbidly obese, meaning that they are more than 100 lbs overweight, more than 200,000 have already undergone the surgery.  The surgery has a deep life changing effect on people who are not only compelled to change their eating habits radically but even the way they think about food. Every other aspect of life, from health to relationships is also affected.  Life after the surgery gives the feeling as if you are born again.

When other options are exhausted

Obesity does not necessarily mean that you are fit for gastric bypass surgery. It is the last resort to cure obesity. Since obesity is a phenomenon that develops over time it is expected that until it acquires menacing proportions one should not think about surgery. Obesity can happen in children too and by the time they are fully grown it can either be controlled or left to run its course. Adults are similarly affected by the problem and get enough opportunities of controlling it. From diet pills to fasting and from medicines to exercising there are numerous methods of losing weight that has to be tried out before landing for surgery. It is only when the surgeon is convinced that there are no more options remaining that he might give the nod for surgery.


Qualifying for surgery

Exhausting all options for the treatment of obesity is not the only reason why you can be considered for surgery. From the health perspective too, you need to be the right candidate.  You must be extremely obese having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more and be declared as morbidly obese, meaning that you are under life threat from obesity.

However, for those with BMI between 35 and 40 but having health problems related to body weight are also considered for gastric bypass surgery. Similarly, if people with BMI less than 35 have weight related health issues, they too might be considered for surgery.

Other considerations

Besides the BMI and health condition there are many other parameters that are considered to declare a person eligible for surgery.  The medical condition is assessed to detect that there are no such ailments that can pose any risk for the surgery.   The absence of specific psychological condition that can aggravate obesity is also confirmed. Your habits and lifestyle is scrutinized as also your motivation for sticking to the recommendations made by the medical team. Age is also a consideration as the risk of surgery increases with age and it is not permissible for those under 18 years of age.

Patient psychology and mental condition plays an important role in the success of bariatric surgery as the motivation of patients is critical in sustaining the benefits in the long run.


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