1-testosterone is an anabolic androgenic steroid. This is different from the testosterone produced in the body of an individual because of its chemical formula. IN United States, this has been classified as a class III drug. In other words, it can be said that it is a prescription only because of its potential to be misused. The use of this steroid has been banned from decades. Still, there are a number of bodybuilders, who are getting it from less than reputable sources. IT is important to know about the working, effects as well as results before intake of the 1-testosterone.

1-testosterone cypionate is also known as Dihydroboldenone, 1-testosterone, 1 test, DHB, etc. The body of an individual produces testosterone in a very small amount, but if an individual is diagnosed with hypogonadism, he is recommended to take part into the hormone replacement therapy treatment program. This often employs the use of topical applications and injectable testosterone products. The hormone produced by the body of an individual is extremely powerful. The individuals must keep in mind that 1-testosterone is no longer sold over the counters in the United States.

This is ranked as the leading anabolic steroid introduced onto dietary and nutritional supplements preferred by the bodybuilders and athletes back in a day. The 1-test profile is different from the profile of other recent developments in the test hormones, as a result of its anabolic to androgenic ratio. This is a common term to the bodybuilders as well as athletes. An anabolic steroid is termed as a synthetic hormone that is designed to increase the metabolism. These steroids are commonly misused and abused by the athletes and bodybuilders, so as to increase the size of their muscles temporarily.

The androgenic is a compound that is meant for stimulation as well as maintaining development and maintenance of the characteristics of males. The testosterone is the best example of androgenic hormone providing the users with secondary male characteristics in men, stronger musculature than females, deepening of voice, growth of body and facial hair, etc. The 1-testosterone was sold as an over the counter drug without any prescription, when it was popular.

The 1-testosterone was used during the cutting phases of the bodybuilding along with its capabilities of enhancing strength. Also, it is being used by the athletes during bulking phases. The athletes and bodybuilders need higher doses to see the results because of its anabolic to androgenic ratio. This steroid does not provide any androgenic effects like its other forms.

Side effects of 1-testosterone:

It has been said by the healthcare professionals that a higher dose of the androgens for a long term may lead to cardiac as well as liver issues like liver toxicity, cancer, tumors, etc. It has dependence and tendency to get stacked with other anabolic steroids. One major concern associated with the 1-testosterone cypionate is that it has the potential to enlarge the prostate. The use of this steroid by the females may lead to some of the male characteristics in them.

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