Intravenous therapy or popularly known as IV therapy is a method of inducing liquid substance directly in to the veins. The word “Intravenous” means “within the veins”. It is a process through which liquid nutrients and micronutrients are induced in the blood. The infusions are commonly known as drips. It is the fastest way through which you can deliver fluids in to the body without having to wait for the long time. The medications are delivered throughout the body, since they are transferred through veins in the body. Intravenous IV treatment NYC is method through which fluid flows in the blood through electrolyte imbalances. It is used to deliver medication and for blood transfusions.

Use of Intravenous Process:

Through the method of intravenous process, the micronutrients which are essential for body can be transmitted quickly and effectively in the blood. The nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, few rare minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin B which are required for patients who are having deficiency and fatigue of these elements require the transmission. Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals which are required in the body. They are used to run the basic operation in the body. These nutrients also play an important role in the metabolism of the body. If there is deficiency in the nutrients, then the body functioning varies and they can lead to diseases in the body. The intravenous therapy allows the body to get all the vitamins and thereby the body begins to work faster and better. There are no side effects that one goes through this IV therapy.

Every nutrient has its own role to play in the body. For instance, magnesium is useful in the body for processing of more than three hundred metabolic activities. It strengthens the immune system, nervous functions and muscle activities in the body. Although the composition in the body is around 0.85%, it is very essential part of the body. The Vitamin C is required for the functioning of the stronger bones. Almost entire human body is made up of six elements in the body. These are: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. These elements make up to 99% of human body. The other elements which occupy another 0.85% are sulphur, magnesium, iodine, potassium and chlorine.

The use of IV treatment NYC for micronutrients was proposed by the physician named as John Myers. The micronutrients have been present in the diet, but sometimes due to bad eating habits or preserved and pre-cooked foods, the nutrients and required minerals are not received. Sometimes due to blood loss caused by surgery or fatigue caused by diseases, the nutrient loss takes place in the body. Such deficits can be tested by standard blood tests. Micro nutrients sometimes do not get well absorbed in the diet and this may cause disturbance in the digestion process. Intravenous infusion can cause increase in blood levels and these are directly pushed in to the veins. There are many anecdotal reports about the benefits of IV micro nutrient infusions in patients.

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