Want to build mass but not so sure where to start? Try Deca-Durabolin since it is considered a very versatile steroid. It helps you gain muscle mass slowly but surely, surely it’s not one of those steroids that go from zero to one hundred in two days but it will still get you that body you long to have. Slowly but surely.

The human body has been known to respond negatively from rapid gains in weight whether from muscle or fat. This is why most people especially beginners tend to prefer this over others. Learning how to take a Deca Durabolin cycle will make the process easier as well.

Where do I start?

Some people tend to refer to it as a “weak steroid”, it is not and you should not treat it as such. These steroids are considered healthier for the body compared to others that have fast acting results since the growth rate is significantly slower; the body has ample time to comfortably adapt to the changes occurring.

During bulking cycles, it is a common occurrence to stack Deca with other compounds to stimulate mass gain. Common examples would be Testosterone, Dianabol and Anadrol. From beginner to intermediate, to advanced, in that order.

The Deca cycle is relatively long compared to other cycles because of its slow acting development and lengthy half-life. This is why boosting compounds are added to “fill in” that gap where the drug hasn’t fully taken effect yet.

Beginner category

Often suggested for beginners, Deca and Testosterone combined are often used in small amounts but enough to produce an effective cycle. It lasts for about 14 weeks although some go as far as that but also increasing their chance of being more susceptible to the risk of side effects.

Level up!

Intended for intermediate users, Dianabol is introduced to the cycle. Its purpose is to boost the beginning 4 weeks of the cycle and since it has a shorter half-life, when it ends, the effects of Deca will be at full. Also, the duration of the cycle has been shortened to about 12 weeks, longer than this and you will be running the risk of damaging your Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis (HPTA).

Boss round

This cycle doesn’t have much difference with the one for beginners except for the addition of the very potent Anadrol, an oral anabolic steroid used strictly for bulking. This is only recommended for more advanced users that understand the complex functions of the drug.

If you are looking to gain muscle mass without minding how long the results will show, taking Deca on its own is the choice for you. If it’s too slow for your taste, there are a few stacks to add to your cycle which will help speed up development. Just know where you belong in the hierarchy of things. Don’t go jumping into the advanced cycle without starting from the bottom. You will lack enough knowledge and experience to be able to utilize it to its full extent. It is better to know where you stand and start from there.

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