Air ducts can be found in almost every house, particularly in the properties that feature a centralized heating system. The duct allows for the free flow of air directly from the HVAC unit to the rooms. The duct is basically a large pipe that runs through the walls, and opens up into a vent. Take a look around your room, you might notice a small grille in the wall through which air passes. That’s the ventilation duct that maintains the quality of air and temperature within the room. However, with the passage of time, the air duct gets quite dirty, as the vents trap dust particles and grime from the air.

The air ducts tend to contaminate fresh air passing through the HVAC unit. If the air ducts aren’t cleaned properly, it might pose a series of different health risks. If the ducts aren’t regularly cleaned, the health of people living in the home will soon begin to suffer.

Children are Affected First

Due to their underdeveloped immune systems and faster breathing rates, your children are likely to suffer the effects of polluted air first. Children also inhale more air in relation to their body weight and because of their short height (the oxygen concentration increases as you get closer to the ground), which means that your children are at an increased risk. They are also likely to suffer from allergies due to the bacteria and fungi that are commonly found in an unclean air duct system.


Why Should You Get the Ducts Cleaned Regularly?

Apart from children, elderly people and those who suffer from allergies or any other respiratory ailment, such as asthma, are also at an increased risk. The most common filter used in households throughout the country is made from fiberglass. A recent study showed that a fiberglass filter is only 7% effective in keeping out bacteria, dirt, and other harmful substances like pollen. Moreover, a millimeter of dirt can affect the efficiency of the cooling and heating coils by up to 21%.

Rather than trying to clean the vents on your own, it’s important that you contact a professional for the job. Companies such as  provide an extensive air duct cleaning service. The company will use an advanced video detection camera to determine all traces of bacteria and fungi in the air ducts. The furnishings and carpets in your house will be properly covered to prevent any sort of disturbance during the cleaning process.

Once that is done, the professionals will start cleaning the duct surfaces by using a brush with soft bristles. After the vacuuming and cleaning is completed, the company will seal and insulate the ducts to prevent any sort of air leakage. Once the whole cleaning process is over, a final walkthrough will be carried out to ensure that everything was properly cleaned and refitted back together. Finally, the company will ask you to sign off on the invoice and to make payment. Air duct cleaning doesn’t take more than a few hours, depending upon the amount of dirt and grime in your air ducts.

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