It is a well-known fact and even everyone would like to stay healthy. How to stay healthy is the key issue? In addition, there is no one in the world who does not know the importance of exercise and diet. The only thing is that no one is able to stick to it. Of course, exceptions are always there. Only very few people stick to balanced diet and regular exercise and keep themselves healthy. Sedentary lifestyle has become one of commonest enemy of many diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disorders. Lack of physical activity and more of high caloric food are some of the reasons for this ill lifestyle.

What is the issue that makes people not to stick to the good practice even if they know everything? The greatest excuse everyone tells is TIME. Most of the people are likely not able to practice a healthy living is time and their regular hectic routine. However, in reality these are lame excuses. One could stay healthy even if they have a hectic schedule, even if they work for long hours. There are very few things to keep in mind to stay healthy: – 1) balanced diet 2) regular exercise 3) good sleep.

Balanced diet: No one could give excuse that because of their strict and stringent time, they are not able to stick with balanced diet. Balanced diet is nothing a big deal. Simply stay out of more fatty foods. Crunch on more raw vegetables as snacks, instead of munchies with deep fried items. Increase the intake of fibrous rich food instead of carbs like cutting down of white polished rice and increasing the intake of brown rice. Intake of one or two servings of fruits or fruit juices (without sugar) would help to maintain a good diet. These are very simple to follow. To cut down the calories, it is not necessary to cut down the portion instead split the portion in to more number of servings. Take five small meals instead of two or three heavy meals. These would definitely help one to have good diet.

Exercise: Exercise, of course few people might not find time to spend one hour or half an hour exclusively to workout. Even though it is, a must to follow a regular exercise regime due to short of time few may not be able to do it. Instead, one could change their lifestyle and add few physical activities instead of exercising regularly. For example, it is possible for anyone to stay away from car and take few steps to reach nearby places. Instead of using lifts, one could use steps. Cleaning the gar, maintaining the garden are few physical activities, which one could include to maintain good health.

Good sleep: sleeping for eight hours is necessary, that too it should be a sound sleep. Most of the people of these millennia are suffering from sleeplessness. It is good to avoid all the electronic items from at least one or half an hour before sleep. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed would also help.

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