Gum diseases are dangerous because the patient may not be aware that he had serious problems with the gums because the symptoms of these diseases are almost invisible. Pain is most often not the case, the gums are just whining, itchy, and while cleaning teeth blood may appear at times. Gum disease is necessary to treat because it can develop into a more complex disease such as periodontitis, which is dangerous because bacteria penetrate deeper, the roots hit the teeth, bones, and tissue that hold teeth. When to start treatment at an early stage of gum disease periodontitis can be avoided.

What you read below, you will help cure this disease; you will be healthy.

Helpful Hints

  1. Teeth should be brushed at least 2 or 3 times a day; the brush is best to choose a soft since it is much easier to get rid of the stones than rigid.
  2. Clean the space between the teeth should be a special dental floss. You can cook your toothpaste, Howard prescription; the prescription is: take a quarter cup 3% hydrogen peroxide, mix with ordinary baking soda until you have the consistency of thick cream. This paste strongly foams, falls into the formed pockets, pulls out and kills the bacteria. After brushing a paste, rinse your mouth with salt water.
  3. If you have inflammation, rinse your mouth with all the same hydrogen peroxide, diluted half with water, to rinse the need for 30 seconds, a rinse brings relief almost immediately.
  4. To remove the tumor from the gums can rinse your mouth with salt water one teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water. Rinsing is necessary every 4 hours.

How To Reverse Receding Gum Line

You will think that you should get dry mouth. As soon as you come to the idea that you have diseased gums, you begin to brush their teeth like mad – probably forever. But do not do that. You do not give anything substantial. On the contrary, you can harm your gums and the frequency of the movement of a rough bristle brush. You should all this come to mind, or choose to buy a brush with very soft bristles and slow, gentle movements, as if massaging the gums, brush your teeth.


Tea is not only a drink- Once you have gone from the gums blood, apply another great national way. Simply attach any tea bag to the place where the blood goes. The tea bags contain tannic acid, which will turn the blood.

Lean on Vitamin C- This is a very good vitamin and probably the only one that fully helps reducing tissue. Thus vitamin can arrange not only specific prevention but also the full treatment. It can range from one thousand to two thousand milligrams per day. But there are contraindications and limitations for some people. In any case, you have to go to the doctor.

Quit smoking- Do you smoke. You do not value your loved ones, and you only die for joy. For you do not mean anything to those lives that destroy cigarettes, people who die from lung cancer by sputum, which is going to the lungs due to cigarettes. So, if you have not thrown, then I’ll let you know that gum disease may also be caused by being your smoking. There are even separate this disease: nicotine stomatitis.

Avoid aspirin- You are probably someone once said that if you have an ulcer on the gum, then be sure to rub it or make it unplayable. Believe me, they wish you well, but in no case do not do it: aspirin – a painkiller, and soon you will feel better, but we should not forget that it is also a chemical that gets into your blood, which can lead to burns.

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