Home workouts

     Traditionally, for the past 2 decades, GOING to the gym is the only option for people in the middle class to have a decent enough workout that actually works. However, as we experience changes in technology and communication, particularly the internet, made available instructional videos and self-help tutorials for many people. This I feel more than anything helped shift the focus out of gym memberships and made people feel that they can do workouts at the safety and comfort of their home. I have read articles about how great it is to work from home and how they saved etcetera. Let us take a look at some disadvantages of working out from home. Do you want to know more about this? Read on below and let’s find out.


    You are at home and naturally, you are by yourself or worse, the people you live with might not be as interested as you in working out. They may even hate exercising. You may experience a lack of like-minded people to cheer you on or understand what you are trying to achieve.  A gym is just packed full of people with the same interests as you have and therefore would have no trouble offering you encouragement when they see you struggling. Being home alone does not have this.


     Home Gym equipment are usually not up to standards and may not be as good quality as the ones in your local gym. Because they are intended for light and home use, strict quality standards, and manufacturing processes may not have been used on light duty equipment. They will be prone to break down more easily and way too costly to repair. Also, you are responsible for tidying up after yourself, unlike in a gym where people are paid to clean up after your mess.

Home workouts

Food and TV

     Being at your home, you can easily get distracted by television or mouth-watering food being prepared by your housemates. Or you can look at the way of the kitchen and feel a hunger for your favorite snack. The TV is also one of them. There simply is no one there to tell you off. There would be no alternatives like protein shakes, towels, tanning, massaging and steam rooms.you can only find those at the gym.


     You can say it takes a whole lot of willpower to convince yourself to start if you are at home. At the gym, the moment you start getting ready just to go there, you psych yourself up and the moment you enter the gym “atmosphere”, your body is ready and you can immediately start your workout.

     Do not get me wrong, I am all up for savings and most of these disadvantages have counters, and most revolve around what you really want and what you can push yourself to do. It is ultimately your decision.

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