PET CT Scans

One may use the Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET CT) scan to detect the conditions of the disease present in the person. The physician does a critical assessment of the stage of the body tumour with the help of these scans.

Cost of the scan makes a difference

Cost is an important factor in all types of medical treatments. The cost of PET CT scan in India could range from ₹2000 to ₹10,000 in government institutions. In the private institutions, this could remain as much as ₹14,000 to ₹28,000. Compared to this, the whole-body PET CT scan price in the US is $3,500 (₹2,10,000) on an average.

Need for the scan

They do the imaging through nuclear medicine and use the PET scan device to find out specific functions of the tissue cells. Through the CT scan, one gets an idea of the size and location of the body tissues. When one needs to identify and diagnose heart diseases, brain disorders, and cancers, one uses a combination of these two techniques.

Detecting different diseases through the PET CT scan

One may use the PET CT scan to detect the presence of diseases. You can assess the physiological functioning of various organs. This helps the physician determine the best course of treatment to help the patient. Here are some instances when we use the scan:

  • Detect the presence of cancer
  • Chart the spread of the disease
  • Make a map of the functions of the heart and brain – analyze the amount of blood flowing through these organs
  • Make a review of the treatment done with radiation therapy
  • Do an evaluation of the clinical effects due to ischemia or infarction
  • Review the effectiveness of surgical procedures such as angioplasty surgery
  • Use in patients with memory and brain disorders top make evaluations and chart the course of the treatment

PET CT Scans

Difference between MRI and PET CT scans

One may use the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the place of a PET CT scan. However, we see many differences in the use of the two. Here is the list of changes that we see:

  1. The main difference is in the way one can use the MRI to chart the structural characteristics or morphological features while the main function for the PET CT scan is to plot the metabolic functioning of the body. For this, one must use the PET scan in combination with the CT scan.
  2. The PET CT scan gives a more complete picture of the tumour compared to the MRI.
  3. We can stage the different malignancies using the information related to the metabolic functioning.
  4. The MRI presents a three-dimensional format of the internal organs. It makes use of a magnetic field.

While preparing for a PET CT scan, one must remember to inform the doctor of any previous instances of allergies to seafood, iodine or other things. They will use a contrast material given intravenously to facilitate the use of the scan. The patient undergoing the scan must stop eating food from midnight prior to the day of the scan.

The low PET CT scan cost in India attracts many foreigners who need medical treatment for various illnesses. Combined with the excellent medical treatment and huge ease in staying in India have made India a centre for medical tourism.

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