Hidradenitis Suppurative Symptoms and Natural Treatments Available

Hidradenitis Suppurative, also known as Acne Inversa and Velpeau disease in some regions, is a chronic skin disease that causes lumps around groins or armpits and other body parts. Generally, it begins as a pimple bumps and develops around that area where usually pimples are not expected. According to surveys and reports, 1% of the worldwide population suffers from this skin disease at some stage in their life. Here we have exposed the key symptoms and Hidradenitis Suppurative natural treatments that can cure and heal this disease completely.

Key Symptoms

Hidradenitis Suppurative is known to have three stages.

  1. First Stage:

 It involves small blackheads. Usually, there is a Double barrel pattern on the skin, and that makes it different from other skin infectious disease.

  1. Second Stage:

 It involves red lumps. Usually, the pain starts with its initial stage and increase with time and by the end of this stage, pain becomes unbearable. These red lumps later look like a peanut shape and bad odor comes from the infected area once it breaks out.

  1. Third Stage

 It’s the critical stage known for the HS disease. Itching and burning sensation are some of the common issues that patient experience at this stage. Also, swelling can be noticed around legs, hands, arms, and areas that are near to the infected portions. It becomes really difficult for doctors to treat HC in the third (critical) stage and it takes years to completely cure and heal this disease.

hidradenitis suppurativa natural treatment

Natural Treatments

Usually, doctors face difficulties in diagnosing this disease. However, there are certain natural treatment practices available that is known to heal and cure this disease completely.

  • Antibiotics
    Majority of doctors prescribe antibiotics to HC patients as they are known to boost immunity levels. However, there is no relation between the treatment of HC and Antibiotics, but antibiotics are known to help in quick healing.
  • Corticosteroids
    Steroids are also known to be very helpful in treating HC. Steroids reduce burning sensations. However, it is advised to not to use steroids for longer periods as it may lead to scary side effects.
  • TNF- Alpha Inhibitors

Humira and Remicade are two TNFs that are popular worldwide to treat HS disease. However, they can also lead to heart-related health issues and cancer if not used properly. It’s better to use these medicines under the guidance of your doctor otherwise you may experience some scary and life-threatening health issues.

Other than these methods, some surgical treatments are also available to treat HS.

  • Incision And Drainage

When none of the above treatment methods works, Incision, and Drainage surgery is recommended to the HC patients. It’s a quick healing surgery.

    • De-Roofing
      De-roofing surgery is used to treat and cure lumps that are interconnected under the skin. It involves removal of interconnected lumps and infected area. Recurrence rate is very low with this surgery, but still, there are some chances of recurrence.
  • Surgical Removal

It’s also known as the CO2 surgical removal method and is one of the most effective hidradenitis suppurativa natural treatment. It involves the removal of the whole infected area. Also, the chance of recurrence is very less as compared to above-mentioned methods.

  • Naturopath
    It’s one of the most costly surgeries known to treat HS and is available in only a few hospitals.

so, that’s the key symptoms and natural treatments available to treat Hidradenitis Suppurative. Don’t ignore any of its symptoms, consulting doctors at initial stages can reduce the complexities and the disease can be cured and healed quickly and completely.

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