Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon and every new mother goes through the phase of breastfeeding. Women who have recently become mothers usually think that breastfeeding comes naturally to them. All you need to do is just hold the baby close to your breast, so that they can suck easily. Part of it is true, but breastfeeding is lot more than that. A mother should know the correct position to hold the baby so that baby can easily drink milk.

Feeding your baby is a process that you will learn with time.. There is no as such a right or wrong position of holding a baby during breast feeding. All you need to know is how to latch your baby correctly to your breast. A good latch is considered when mother feels comfortable holding the baby in a way that he can drink the milk easily. But if you are too worried about the positions, then here are some best positions for baby while breastfeeding:-

Cradle hold

This is the most common position used by most of mothers during breastfeeding. In this position, you need to position your baby in the bend of your elbow on the side you’ll be breastfeeding. The hand should be supporting the body of the baby. Now use the second hand to hold your breast and move a little forward towards the baby so that the baby’s nose touches your breast. Now slightly compress your breast so that nipples point rightly to his mouth. The baby is latched now and ready to be fed.

Cross cradle hold

Most of the technique is same from the above one, except the position of holding your baby in your arms. In this position, the alternate arms should be used to do the job. That is, if you are feeding from your left breast, then you should use the right arm to hold the baby. The technique of holding the nipples would be the same as cradle hold. This position is usually taught in hospitals so that the mother can watch the way baby latches itself and drink the milk.

Biological feeding

This position is good when a mother is in a laid back position. In biological feeding, the mother puts her baby’s tummy on her tummy and the baby’s chest in vertical position. In this position, baby needs to take charge and search for the breast in whatever physical contact he is experiencing with the mother. It is the best position for baby while breastfeeding, especially if the baby is still learning the latching technique. Also, this position is quite relaxing for mother and the baby.

Side lying

This is an excellent position when the mother and the baby is sleeping. In this case, the mother faces the baby in way that her breast falls right in front of baby’s mouth. The mother can hold the baby by her hand and push the baby towards the breast. This position is quite comfortable for babies because they can rest while nursing.

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