green tea

There are a lot of ways tea can help you. It can aid you in beating the heat during summer or keep warm during cold nights. In addition to quenching your thirst, tea has tons of health benefits you must not ignore. However, we all know that there are many options in the marketplace for you to select from, leaving you torn on the type of flavor to buy. So how do you choose the one that benefits you well?

Most teas, including white, black, green, yellow tea come from a plant named Camellia sinensis. Every type undergoes avarious process, giving them distinct color and taste. For instance, partially withered leaves create green tea. The next process is to heat the leaves, roll as well as shape them, and then reheatthem again.

Let’s take a look at what your choices are and how they can aid in improving your health.

Green tea

Green tea is high in catechins. Catechins are a kind of antioxidant that has a subgroup known as EGCG. This subgroup has been studied for it delivers an important role in stopping cancer as well as heart diseases. In 1 study, drinking a cup of green tea on a daily basis could decrease the risks of getting cardiovascular disease for about 10%.

Oolong tea

For those who wish to shed weight, oolongmust be your go-to tea. This 1activates enzymes that couldcut down triglycerides or a kind of fat that is found in your blood. There’s even a research showing that female participants who took oolong tea were able to lose a significantly larger amount of fat as compared topeople who drank only water. This beverage also has niacin – a substance thathelps detoxify the body and also prevent tooth decay.

Black tea

Black tea is very caffeinated. It comes with about 40 milligrams of caffeine in each cup. It even has antioxidants which includes the arubigins and the aflavins that are both been linked to help in lessening cholesterol levels. This tea option can diminish risks of stroke by up to 20 percent.

green tea

Lemon ginger tea

Having difficulties with your immune system? Make sure to drink lemon ginger tea. Ginger comes with zingiber, while lemon contains a lot of immune-boosting compounds like pectin and limonene. When mixed together, lemon ginger tea turns into an effective drink that fights off bacterial infections.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is popular for its soothing effect. This beverage is an early natural remedy that comes with various health benefits. According to research, the antioxidants that are seen in chamomile tea can help avoid the growth of cancer cells and diabetes. Even some medicine side effects like kidney or nerve damage and loss of vision can also be avoided by drinking this tea.

White tea

White tea has many proven health advanatges. It is similar to green tea as it has catechinsor a substance that help fight offcancer and lessen any risks of cardiovascular disease. Based on the American Cancer Society, this tea even reduces the risk of cancer reappearance for those who are survivors of breast cancer.

Echinacea tea

Echinacea purpurea is a natural substance that is popular for fighting illnesses such ascommon cold as well as other respiratory infections. There are even studies showing that constantly drinkinge chinacea tea or taking an echinacea lozenge over four to five months helped stop infections.

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