Today, you can find many people have the problem with eyesight and they need spectacles or contact lens to enhance their vision. Using spectacles is a good idea but many people have lot of discomfort in using spectacles in their regular manner. Therefore, they opt for contact lens for perfect vision and you can see the popularity of contact lenses among people were increasing day by day since it is too comfortable and easy to hide the vision problems from others. However, contact lens users have problem in handling them and in order to take care of your eyes, there are some ground rules to be consider. And, it is necessary for contact lens users to take care of their precious eye since regular use of contact lens can strain eyes at some point.

Hygiene First:

Always clean your hands properly before fitting or removing the lens. Just imagine about the germs and nasty things that may get transmitted into your eyes through your fingers and with improper hygiene there is lot of chance for eye infection.


If you are allergic to certain things then it is must for you to stay away from it. Suppose, you have the chance of allergens to stick to your lens and prolonged contact of allergen with eye can infect it badly. In that case, try to take out the lens from eyes for a while and use glasses. Use disposable lens to avoid this problem.

Eye Drops:

If you work in front of computer for long hours then it may result in dryness of eyes and regular moisturizing of eyes is necessary. You can use eye drops to moisturize eyes since dry lens are uncomfortable which cause some dangerous effects to our eyes. Have a habit of using moisturizing eye drops whenever you experience dryness or itching eyes.

Appling Make Up:

There is lot of risk involved in applying eye make-up while using contact lens. For instance, your eye shadow may stick to your lens. But, it does not mean that you should avoid using eye make-up entirely. You can use some make-up products that contain eye-friendly substance. Use creamy make-up products instead of powered one. If you like to use powered product then close your eyes while using it and remove your lens before removing make-up.

Time Of Using Lens:

Always ensure that you are not wearing lens for long time. If lens can be used only for a week then just use it for a week and not for a month. The dirt accumulated in lens can cause infection or irritation and sometime it may cause permanent damage to your eyes. Give some relaxation to eyes by wearing glass when you are in home.


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