Any skin care booster that you apply to your face should not be used alone. It should be mixed with a favourite face cream, mask, foundation, or serum. Boosters are designed to reinvigorate the skin by reviving radiance, detoxing and refreshing the complexion, or hydrating and comforting the skin. So, just as the name implies, skin care boosters boost or enhance the level of skin care you receive.

If your skin is not as resilient as it was formerly, then you need a booster to hydrate and comfort it. Weakened skin can result from sunburn, extreme climates, and hard, salty, or chlorinated water. Minor cosmetic treatments can also take a toll on the facial area. To hydrate and provide comfort, mix about five drops of a booster to a mask, moisturiser, foundation, or serum.

Mimosa Tenuiflora Extract

The above-named booster is made with mimosa tenuiflora extract, which is taken from a Mayan plant that is well-known for its rejuvenating properties. Not only does the extract optimise skin recovery, it also reduces the appearance of redness.

Rejuvenating Fatigued Skin

An energy booster for the face is recommended for fatigued skin. If you lead a hectic lifestyle or often experience late nights, you need to turn to this type of facial product. This particular product is ideal for any woman who is suffering from jet lag, has been on a diet, or takes care of small children.

A Popular Choice for Working Women

When added to a cream, moisturiser, mask, or serum, the booster tones and re-energizes the skin and stimulates the circulation. Made with a ginseng extract, this is the number one face booster in Malaysia for women who work in and outside the home.

Detoxify Your Skin

If you are suffering from congested skin, then you need to supplement your skin care facial regimen with a detoxifying booster. Overindulging, partying, or being exposed to smoky environments requires a detox-type treatment.

Again, add about five drops to your regular moisturiser, mask, foundation, or serum. This particular beauty solution is a healthy choice as it contains green coffee extract. The extract, which is rich in caffeine, revives the radiance of a dull complexion and plumps up the skin as it rids it of impurities.

Katafray Bark

In order to show off your rejuvenated skin, choose a healthy complexion base, used for adding illumination and radiance. Lightweight in design, this type of base naturally corrects the skin tone for a flawless finish. The hydrating and soothing effects of the base are often obtained through an extract, such as katafray bark.

Found in Madagascar, the katafray tree produces an elegant silhouette. The essential oil from the plant also is known for its soothing and fortifying attributes. The extract from the tree’s bark has been shown to improve the skin’s corneal layer and promote natural hydration.

So, if you need a facial boost, you can find one in booster-type skin care products. The health-giving properties of these products not only make you look good, but are also beneficial for the skin.

About Author: Gloria