Have you ever got jealous of someone’s smile and wondered why you aren’t wearing one? Well, then Dr.Majeroniis the one you are looking for. He is a Walnut Creek pediatric dentist who believes that a great smile needs so much more than just straight teeth. If you have ever felt that your children need more confidence, all you need is to contact him as soon as possible to set up a consultation.

Why the treatment?

Braces are one of the few solutions suggested by many dentists and are a very effective on children. Orthodontics is a branch of dental care which is focussed on correcting all those irregularities in your teeth and it suggests wearing braces. Braces help you fix crowded or gapped teeth. If you think that your teeth aren’t aligned perfectly, then do not hesitate to pay us a visit. Some of the flaws might not need braces and how do you find out that? Come visit us!


Choose the best

Delivering quality services to our patients is what we are good at and that’s why we are the best at what we do. We always deliver the right service and the treatment usually comes up with a flexible financial plan so that it can fit your budget. This Walnut Creek pediatric dentist provides you the latest tools, procedures and a friendly team of people to the patients.

The Majeroni method makes you believe that accomplishing what you would like to call “the perfect smile” is not that hard. Everyone is in a rush to get their teeth fixed and no one is doing it the effective way. This method helps in replacing the negatives with positives by giving an extra bit of care. If reading this made you smile for even a second, well you know what to do.

Boosting your confidence

Do you know what all those famous celebrities have in common? That million dollar smile. Smiling is an important way of showing how confident you are. A simple and small act of smiling can bring you happiness and that is exactly what we provide at Majeroni Orthodontics Centre. Not everyone is born with the perfect set of teeth and there’s nothing to worry. When the children are convinced that a great set of teeth can be developed with proper treatment, you would probably find them jumping with joy. If having a straight and perfect set of teeth is all you are thinking of right now, then better pay us a visit and thank us later.

Smile wide and shine brightly

Orthodontic therapy not only helps you wear a pretty smile but also improves your overall dental health. Also, we are talking about a perfect jawline. A straight set of teeth helps you chew, bite and speak effectively. Start wearing that dream smile that you’ve always wanted and Majeroni Orthodontics takes pride in helping you achieve it. Gone are those days of fear and hiding. So smile and shine.

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