Oxandrolone is a very popular drug, so popular that this was the drug of choice that people widely used and for a very good reason. If you weren’t familiar with the drug you will be familiar with the name Anavar. Oxandrolone is the only drug that you might even say perfectly build for body building because of the reason that its side effects are lesser versus other anabolic steroids.

Oxandrolone (Anavar) is good at increasing testosterone levels, better metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins. Resulting to increase in performance, increase in energy, faster and better muscle sculpting, accelerating tissue growth and wound healing. If used right Oxandrolone provides very great results. Oxandrolone is very popular to the fact that if you would ask anyone (especially athletes and bodybuilders) any anabolic steroids that they know they would say Oxandrolone first before the others or even just Oxandrolone alone.

Popularity: The popularity of Oxandrolone is global in the sporting and bodybuilding community, just for the sole reason that it’s a very potent drug that can give you all the benefits of anabolic steroids with lesser side effects. If you consult a technician when you go to the topic of taking anabolic steroids physicians will immediately tell you to be careful, watch out for the danger signs and the effects of the long term use. Too popular to the fact that there are a lot of unregistered manufacturers faking it and even individuals that will pose a threat to users that use it.

Illegal: As mentioned above, because this drug is very popular many replicate it in order to make some money out of it. The problem with illegal drugs is that it gives people the access to drugs that shouldn’t be taken without a subscription, illegal in a specific country made available and even potentially fake. But because the demand is so high that people would die just to get these drugs that this business thrives over the years.

Fake: It’s the “too good to be true” offers that people think they got the best deal but in reality what they actually got are fake and are both unsafe and even diluted making it more dangerous. The problem with fakes is that there is no known quality control, no known result that it really works, there is really nothing good about fake drugs. Yeah, you get to buy drugs that are extremely cheap but as to what cost, your health?

Your aim, in general, is to body build and that also means to be safe while taking it that is why there are a therapeutic dose and cycles that you adhere to get the best results of the drug. Buying illegally puts you at risk in buying dangerous drugs that aren’t even regulated in your country if you found that you bought fake products don’t take it, or you might as well break every dosage and rules you have in body building! Get the drug the proper way because you can be sure that it will have the intended effect that it supposed to.

About Author: Gloria