Introduced in the 1960’s, Anadrol is considered to be the strongest anabolic component in the market till date. It was first released in the market for its therapeutic benefits and treatment of several ailments, like gastrointestinal diseases, anaemia and osteoporosis but later came to be used for performance enhancement purpose. The ability of this compound to enhance metabolic activity has led professionals to take up this supplement as a reliable performance enhancement product. The metabolism of this compound removes the 2-hydroxymethylene group reducing to methyldihdrotestosterone. The strong effects of this drug have led the FDA to restrict the use of this product in the US for human consumption.

Following a proper cycle

Following an Anadrol cycle is extremely powerful and shows remarkable results if followed properly. Its primary use isfor production of red blood cells for people suffering from low red blood count. It is from the use of this compound that aids in the development of muscle size along with the ability to gain strength thereby helping in the body building process. For people who are interested in taking up Anadrol for their desired outcome should know the intake mechanism with accuracy and also follow a proper cycle. This requires taking the assistance of medical experts to obtain necessary information for safe usage of the supplement.

The hepatotoxic nature of this compound has made it necessary to estimate the cycle length with accuracy. Whether used in oral or injectable version, the intake level should not be exceeded beyond 100mg per day. The higher the dosage level, the shorter will be the length of the cycle. It is always necessary to take a break in between cycles to prevent any substantial damage to the liver. Oxymetholone cycles for beginners should be restricted to 4 weeks period while professionals can soar higher up to two 8-week cycle period depending upon the purpose of use and the dosage intake undertaken.

Associated costs involved

Being a pretty common and frequently available anabolic compound, it is quite easier for potential users to procure it from the market. Almost all major sources manufacture, stock and supply such product but selecting the right source is the key to obtaining the desired outcome. This compound can be purchased either as a research grade steroid from underground abs or as a pharm grade compound for personal consumption. Users should know that there is a significant difference between these two products both in terms of quality as well as price.

While the pharm grade compounds cost around $1.30 to $2.50 for a single 50mg tablet the underground research products are available for a price of around $0.75 to $2.30 per 50mg tablet. The price varies depending upon the geographical location and the source of purchase opted for. The order limit also influences the price of the product to a greater extent. Oxymetholone cycle for beginners will cost relatively cheaper as the cycle length is quite short in comparison to the cycle length for professionals.

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