Gone are the days where every couple around you would testify the truth of the ‘marriages are made in heaven’ quote. So, did we ever ponder upon what has changed over time that marriages are becoming more and more difficult to sustain? To be precise, we are talking about the majority of couples. Bayridge Counselling Centre Hamilton can help couples facing issues in their relationship.

Why need couples counseling?

Before we try to assess the need for couples counseling, let’s just have a quick glance over the alarming statistics of Marriage Counseling.

  • A couple attends an average of 20 couples counseling sessions
  • 43 percent of divorced couples attend counseling sessions before initiating divorce
  • Roughly 50 percent of couples were benefited from the counseling, which helped them in maintaining their improved relationship beyond two years
  • 75 percent of couples believe that they are “better off” after counseling

These figures reflect that if you feel your marriage is just no longer working, then it is still not over. There is much that can be done to improve and gain control over the situation. Counseling clinics are just the right place to take that first towards couples counseling. The key objective of counseling specifically for couples is to help them talk out their differences and empower them with better ways to deal with their relationship tiffs and arguments. Visit Factual to seek more information.

Marriage is a unique bond of an extremely strong relationship which cannot be described with the best of vocabulary. When we realize strain in this relationship, our first plan of action revolves around working alone on improving things. But, it is a wise and bold step to not let things linger on for a while and instantly seek outside help in the form of professional counseling. When you have already moved out of your shell to give your bit to save your marriage by stepping into one of the suitable couples counseling centers, it is best to also work upon simultaneously on your personal level towards improving the relationship.

Three Golden Rules for nurturing relationships

Three things which will help you drastically in addition to your counselor’s advice are:

  • Set realistic expectations from the partner since the partner is already hurt and hence it will take time to recover from the set back. Small goals and a bit of appreciation will take you closer towards a harmonious relationship.
  • Instead of criticizing your better half, begin communication from your side and make sure to incorporate positive conversation and a friendly body language. This will help in melting the ice from spoiled relationship.
  • Many a times we are stuck in the web of our opinion. Whenever there is a difference of opinion, try being in their shoes before giving any expression or reaction to their ideas or actions. Most of the times, you’ll not find ample reasons to justify your impulsive reaction. In case you still are left with a justification, postpone it for a week and decide later with a cool and relaxed mind.

No couples counseling can be complete without relationship counseling. Initiate the act of nurturing relationships and you’ll realize very soon that you could not have had a better partner than you already have.


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