One of the best and easiest methods to enhance your personal beauty is to make the teeth whiter. Clean and white teeth are not only making you to look healthier, it is also more attractive as comparing to the yellow or discoloured teeth. White teeth will motivate smile and make the person to look pleasant among people around them. Actually, you can see number of teeth whitening products in market and the numbers of manufacturers are launching new teeth whitening products on regular basis and promising for incredible result in very short time with little effort.

However, many of these products will work only for some extent and there are some differences between every product which is worth understanding. Knowing about different form of teeth whitening materials will be helpful for you to select the best one that suits you. If you feel hard to the teeth whitener then your family or cosmetic dentist can guide you for choosing the perfect teeth whitening solution by considering your budget, teeth condition and time that you can spend for dental care. Here, you can find different form of teeth whitener available in market.

Whitening toothpaste:

This is simple and most common form of teeth whitening product which does not need any extra attempt beyond regular brushing of teeth for couple of times in a day. Brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste can whiten teeth only for some extend but the additional ingredient present in teeth whitener like hydrogen peroxide can work more to improve the colour of teeth. The disadvantage in toothpaste is that it is not more effective that cannot yield good result in short time.

Whitening Rinse:

Rinse can be used in same way as mouthwash meaning that you can use them right away after brushing. The ingredient present in them are similar to that present in toothpaste. The benefits are that it requires very less time and effort to perform rinsing and it is very less expensive. Since, whitening rinse is in the form of liquid, it can cover many areas which cannot be reached by toothpaste. The disadvantage is that they also take long time to give good result.

Whitening Strips:

You can buy them from supermarket and can be applied on your teeth at anytime and anywhere. The treatment time will last for 7 to 15 days. The whitening strips will coat your teeth with a peroxide solution in the form of gel. The only drawback is that, it is very expensive and requires more treatment time.

Whitening Session:

This teeth whitening method can be done only by dentist and it takes maximum of 60 minutes. The dentist applies a concentrated solution and amplifies it using light or heat. In spite of its cost, many people prefer this method since, it is highly effective.

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