Colonoscopy demands extensive preparation of the body before a doctor takes the test. The whole preparation phase is often unpleasant with the laxative doses and constant bouts of diarrhea- but then it’s worth it. Colorectal cancer is the 2nd major cause of cancer deaths in the America and it affects both the sexes. Colonoscopy screening is often termed as a lifesaver here as it helps to prevent cancer by detecting the polyps beforehand. Both ASGE (American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) and ACG (American College of Gastroenterology) have approved colonoscopy test as the most effective method for colorectal cancer screening.

The post below jots down why it is important to go for colonoscopy screening-

Helps to prevent CRC beforehand

This is the most crucial reason to opt for colonoscopy screening. Colorectal cancer does not show signs until it reaches the advanced stage. Unfortunately, once CRC has spread, it is hard to prevent a fatal outcome.  But Screening Colonoscopy Redding helps to prevent colorectal cancer beforehand by detecting and removing precancerous polyps (adenoma) from the colon. 1 in 20 Americans runs the risk of developing CRC after 50. But timely colonoscopy after every 10 years will effectively rule out the risks of colorectal cancer. In fact, among all other CRC screening methods, colonoscopy is the most comprehensive and the most thorough.

Colonoscopy reduces CRC risk big time

Several studies have been conducted to review the effects of Colonoscopy in redding in the prevention of CRC. Almost all the studies have met with tremendous success and have highlighted the major role played by the screening test in lowering the risks of colorectal cancer. According to reports, colonoscopy shows 77 percent reduction (overall) of risks in colorectal cancer- 56% for right-sided cancer & 84% for left-sided cancer.

Detection of bleeding lesions

Colonoscopy also helps to identify bleeding lesions in different parts of the colon. The test is designed to examine colon extensively right from rectum to cecum. This way, it becomes easier for the doctor to detect the bleeding lesions properly and address them on time.

Diagnosis of diverticulosis & diverticulitis

Colonoscopy has proved to be effective in the diagnosis of diverticulosis & diverticulitis. Our intestinal wall consists of several pockets that might get infected & cause severe pain. Colonoscopy helps the doctors to understand the extent & complexity of the condition effectively so that they can prescribe the most suitable treatment.

Diagnosis of colitis

Colitis refers to a serious medical condition characterized by acute inflammation of the colon. Colonoscopy enables the doctor to detect the colon inflammation successfully so that he can start the treatment on time.

Colonoscopy screening is vital once you reach 50. You should get the screening done by a board-certified gastroenterologist as they are well-trained in colonoscopy. Some people go for surgeons but a gastroenterologist is more knowledgeable in this particular field. Make sure, your chosen doctor holds membership with American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Follow the step by step guide prescribed by your doctor to prepare the body before the colonoscopy screening.

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