cosmetic surgery

Some people are never happy with the appearance of their thighs and buttocks regardless of whether it is because of their size, the presence of sagging skin or shape. The reasons for this condition in that particular part of their bodies could be due to the excess fat they accumulate as they grow old, hereditary factors or gravity. In addition to this, individuals who experience a rapid weight loss due to rigorous exercise and dieting will not fail to notice such cellulite deposits and excess skin in that part of their bodies. However, a thigh and buttock lift surgery can help such patients to eradicate such subcutaneous fat deposits and excess skin in that part of their bodies.

Why is this clinic a cut above the rest?

Sono Bello is a reputed cosmetic surgery clinic in the United States, which has made a name for itself in this medical field for its successful and cost-effective treatments. A team of over 100 board certified medical practitionerswho specialize in various branches of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery operate this medical institute. They have the necessary experience, expertise and skills to carry out such complex operations and almost all their operations they exceed their patients’ expectations. In addition to this, they have the reputation of conducting over 90,000 total successful total body transformation surgeries until date. This is the reason why this medical healthcare center has over 32 branches in the America and is the first choice among patients who opt to undertake such cosmetic surgeries.

cosmetic surgery

Buttock and thigh lift surgery

The medical practitioners of this cosmetic surgery clinic explain that in a case of a buttock and thigh lift surgery, the doctor will make an incision just blow the patient waist and thighs. He/she then removes the excess skin in that region. In addition to this, this expert also eradicates with subcutaneous fat deposits from the soft tissue with the aid of liposuction to achieve firmer, trimmer, smoother and tone look. This specialist then stitches back the remaining skin and closes the layers. However, these knowledgeable surgeons further state that like other cosmetic surgeries, patients need to keep in mind the following point before undergoing this treatment:

  • The patient for wish to undergo this cosmetic surgery, need to be in good health because the person performing the operation will administer general anesthesia;
  • Such an individual needs to have rational, sensible, pragmatic and practical expectations of the outcomes of the treatment; and
  • If such a person smokes, he/she should quit immediately as may result serious complications when the patient undergoes the operation.

The surgeons at Sono Bello say people who under this cosmetic surgery will notice the results immediately. It will go a long way in giving their buttocks and thighs a more sleek and toned look but alter their existing volume and shape. This will act as a catalyst in enhancing their appearance and confidence. However, before undergoing this operation, it is essential for all patients to keep in mind the above points before taking the final decision.


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