Winstrol is legal in some countries while it is prescription only drug in some other countries. You can find out which form of winstrol is legal in your country and can use it as recommended. People are finding often which kind of winstrol cycle should be used. Winstrol V or Winny is an anabolic steroid developed in the 1960s. Winstrol is the trade name of stanozolol produced by Winthrop Laboratories. This anabolic steroid is derived from dihydrotestosterone and has low androgenic effects even if it is extremely anabolic. This steroid is very useful in the accumulation of muscle mass and strength. It is very suitable for gaining lean muscle mass. Come bodybuilders use testosterone and winstrol together in a stack.

Winstrol has two main forms in the market oral form and injectable form. The injectable form of winstrol is used widely for getting lean muscle mass. The oral form is detectable in the system for short time. This is an advantage for athletes who are using the oral form of winstrol for getting strength and lean muscle mass. In order to keep the drug concentration in the body, you can split the dosage into two parts. The main problems with women in using anabolic steroids are the virilization effect which can result in deepening the voice. This steroid is popular among women for its lower side effects and they can avoid the side effects by using low doses for short time duration. Women generally prefer oral form than the injectable form of winstrol.

The amount of dosage recommended for women is lower due to their lower capacity to the anabolic steroids than men. It is also found that the beginners are more sensitive to the steroids than that of the experienced bodybuilders or athletes. The oral form of winstrol like tablets and capsules has the shorter half life than that of the injectable forms. The athletes can take the benefit of the oral form of winstrol due to its shorter half life. You can use testosterone and winstrol together for your cutting cycles. The standard dose of winstrol is 50 mg but some bodybuilders are using the higher doses. Using the higher dose for short duration is fine but it can cause some serious side effects if used for a long time in their cycles. Roger Clemens and Rafael Palmeiro are the two baseball players who are guilty of using winstrol. Many players other than athletes and bodybuilders are using winstrol. It can be used by players to gain muscle mass while reducing the fat.

This is a widely used and powerful anabolic steroid which increases the level of oxygen to the tissues and results in increased strength and muscle density. The increase in density and strength is due to the fact that it does not retain water. It is also recommended not to use this anabolic steroid dosage of 100mg for more than two weeks. The higher doses for more than two weeks can result in liver damage and some other serious side effects in the body.

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