Hair loss is a common problem for many people around the world. The reason for hair loss can differ with people and sometimes it is just a hair loss which may have no deeper reasons but other times, hair loss may be due to some health deficiencies in your body. Many people have common thinking that hair loss is because of their hereditary.  Literally speaking, hair is just an extension of our body which gives lot of information about our overall health. There is little information that should be deeply considered if you are experiencing severe hair loss.


Today, many people were facing stressful situation in their day to day life. Researches show that too much stress can be a cause for hair loss. If you are facing hair loss and at the same time if you are undergoing stress in your life then it is necessary for you to spend some time for relaxation. Relaxation will not only prevent you from hair loss but also to avoid future health problem which may arise due to stress.


Sometimes, hair loss is the sign of depression and in some situations. You will find hair on your towel, pillow, etc which may be due to some anti-depressant pills that you are including in your daily diet. However, depression is a disease that is required to be treated before treating for hair loss.


The deficiency in secretion of hormones by thyroid glands can cause hypothyroidism and increase in shedding of hair is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. If you feel that you are affected by this deficiency then it is important for you to consult a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.


Studies show that there is a connection between excess hair loss and prostate cancer. Male who suffer in hair loss by the age of 30 are more chance to have cancer above age of 60. Early detection is the best method to fight with cancer. Therefore, go for a check up to diagnosis the prostate cancer.

Protein Deficiency:

Today, many people do not have a proper meal and most of them will take only nutrient and protein deficient foods. Since, protein is crucial for maintaining healthy hair, it is necessary to include it in your diet on regular basis. Many people are not aware of necessary amount of protein that has to be included in their regular diet. Consult a nutrition expert for calculating the amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals that is required to be added in your daily diet for healthy hair and body.


Iron deficiency can leads to thinning of hair. Go for anaemia test and take some iron rich supplements in the form of pills or food. Visit a practitioner and find the real reason for hair loss since early diagnosis can help for easy treatment and recovery.

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