As a parent, you must have come up in a situation several times where your baby threw up mucus or vomited it out all that you just fed him. Did you feel angry or concerned about it?Let’s talk about what might be the cause of this situation. Based on this, lets discuss more about this in detail.

Cause of Vomiting:

There are numerous ways why babies vomit out. Here we list some of the conditions that might have caused it.

  • Overfeeding: Feeding to much or feeding without a short period of time might cause such condition. Babies have a veryweak digestive system, it hardly stops any food to go back to the mouth, when the tummy gets full, the result is the returning of the milk back to the mouth.
  • Illness: There is two illnesses that might cause such condition. One is gastritis and other is if the baby has cold or fever.
    • Gastritis: Having a gas tummy might cause your child to vomit out whatever it drinks.
    • Cold or Fever: If your baby has cold or fever or any infection in its lungs, there is over production of mucus, which it then throws out. It’s kind of defence mechanism which is used to throughout any virus and bacteria,

When does it get Serious?

Vomiting or throwing mucus out is normal for most of the baby. The condition becomes serious if the baby does that more than once everyday.

  • If the baby throws out more than once then it might be a sign of infection on the lungs and needs doctor attention to cure it. Don’t be late in it as it might have anadverseeffect. Throwing up multiple times will be tired out your child also, having mucus might cause choking at the breathing which is dangerous since if it cannot breathe, he might have suffocation.
  • If the mucus thrown out has yellow or green coloration, it means it was mixed with bile fluid, which must be consulted immediately with a doctor.

How do you take care of it?

  • Reduce the milk intake, see what is the optimum milk you child can digest and feed accordingly. Divide the milk feeding into small parts so he could get the total requirement that is needed.
  • Burp the baby after feeding him. Keep him upright and burp him. Donot incline or lying him down for atleast 10 minutes if not more.

The next time your baby threw up mucus or vomited it out all that you just fed him, be sure to check what might have caused and take precaution the next time as it might become serious conditions.

About Author: Gloria