Asthma can be a serious ailment. This can make the victim weak and unable to work properly. The symptoms of the ailment usually vary from person to person. Some might have occasional asthma attacks. These people will suffer from the symptoms of the ailment only when they are experiencing asthma attacks. Lisa Marie Cannon is a famous physician. She has treated many patients of asthma in her career. She has seen that the ailment could be life threatening. For this reason, she makes it a point to make people aware of the symptoms and causes. If you think you are suffering from this ailment, it is important that you talk to a physician without wasting time. Always remember that timely diagnosis can help you get cure quickly.

Some unfortunate people suffer from permanent asthma. They suffer from the symptoms all the times. For this reason, they need better care than anyone else. In this case, the treatment takes longer time to yield result. What you can do is talk to an experienced physician to help you get proper medication.

Lisa Marie Cannon  has divided the symptoms of asthma into different categories. Mild or basic asthma comes with common symptoms like shortness of breath. This is one of the reasons which anyone can have. People who suffer from this ailment experience shortness of breath frequently. Chest tightness is another symptom of asthma. People who suffer from mild asthma experience tightness around their chest. Some even suffer from chest pain during this time. They usually experience lack of sleep caused by breathing trouble. The symptom usually get to its height at winter time. Breathing usually gets associated by coughs.


These are the signs of mild asthma. However, there are symptoms of the ailment taking a serious toll. You need to be careful about these symptoms. Also, you need to keep special care so that the symptoms don’t get worse.

Increasing in breathing trouble is one of the signs that the ailment is getting worse. When you cannot lie down due to asthma attack, you need to worried says Lisa. She has seen people suffering acute asthma. She has also seen people with falling health due to this problem. Lisa advocates immediate medical attention when the breathing trouble begins. You have no way of knowing what causes the problem. It might be asthma or might be something else.

Lisa tries to teach people when to seek medical help. The symptoms can be pretty serious. It can take life. For this reason, you must have the mind set to know when to call for help.

When the breathing trouble becomes too frequent, you need to talk to a doctor who can help you find respite. Usually people suffering from this ailment use inhaler. This practice is known to offer relief from the trouble. However, there comes time when even inhaler fails to yield result. When this happens, you must look for medical help. Only a physician with the experience of treating people suffering from asthma will be able to help you.


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