Are you a Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

Who are abuse victims?

Many victims of the narcissistic abuse suffer from emotional trauma and are drenched into having low self-esteem and use coping mechanism to counter any confrontation. The victims who seek medical assistance for the abuse, firstly undergo both biochemical and psychiatric assessment along with nutritional lifestyle assessment. Based on the outcome of the results obtained, a special personalised plan is devised by health specialists and is proposed for the therapy of the victim. This therapy is carried out by therapy assistant who accompanies the victim all through the course and employs various techniques and takes self-assessment tests for the victim.

Help offered online:

Most of the narcissistic abuse recovery portals offer confidential online self-assessment test. The data is actually neither transmitted nor recorded in the history of the patient but rather is only meant for patient guidance. It helps the patients in identifying whether they require any medical support or seek any assistance of psychiatric medium.

emotional abuse quiz

The emotional abuse quiz poses a range of questions to the person from thought process, to appreciation and dejection. The questions dwell into figuring out life experiences of the person and elucidate the cause of the condition and the condition being suffered from.The generalised pattern of the quiz assists the victims to understand what is hurting them and gives them a breathing space to analyse the situation.

  • The Quiz deals with following subjects:
    • Emotional trauma
    • Psychological hindrance
    • Physical issues
    • Mental stability
    • Financial crises

All these topics are common causes of the narcissistic disorder. A person suffering from the abuse might not be able to accept the fact that a medical help is required and sustain the abuse, thereby deliberately knocking down oneself. The Paracelsus recovery has designed a special pre-assessment test which is available free online for people to take and determine any signs of narcissistic abuse sufferings.

Pointers to Identify:

If you find any narcissistic abuse victims, it is recommended to advise them for a pre-test and hopefully save their lives if any signs found. If you’re uncertain whether you are abuse victim, do remember that this abuse is serious and can result in matter of life or death, if not taken care of. Some of the extreme symptoms that may arise due to the abuse are more violence and depression.

Abuse by a narcissistic or a sociopath can result in consequences of addictive behaviour for the victim. When taking the emotional abuse quiz, make sure to read about the disorder abuse carefully and note down pointers that relate to the personal experience during the course of the quiz. If signs found, report for assistance immediately and don’t hesitate to come out and express yourself by seeking counselling by a therapist and can’t be cured by mere harder efforts.

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