Almost all steroids do cause side effects. Some are severe than the others but at the same time, responsible use of steroids can help to some extent in preventing harmful side effects. But with Anavar, the side effects are mostly mild. Since it has minimal side effects, it is much popular with those who believe in safe use of steroids. At the same time, if used irresponsibly, then it can cause adverse side effects. Thus before taking Anavar or Oxandrolone as it also referred to as, you need to read about it and understand it’s working.

The reason Anavar causes side effects

One mild effect is appearance of acne which can be irritating. The skin on the areas of back, shoulders and chest are generally affected but some have found acne on their faces as well.  By keeping the skin dry and clean can prevent acne. Also, take a shower after you perspire to avoid acne breakout and other potential Anavar side effects.

DHT can also have negative effects on hair follicles and this can lead to loss of hair. At the same time, only those who have genetic tendency for baldness only need to worry because this side effect is not observed in those who do not have any genetic programming with regards to hair loss. Those who wish to avoid hair loss on use of Anavar can take Propecia or Proscar which is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor.

The serious Anavar side effects to know about

Prostate problems: DHT can also bring about prostate enlargement. But this can occur only when Anavar is taken in high doses for a long period. But, those who already are suffering from the problem should not take the steroid. In any case, if you have experienced prostate enlargement because of the steroid, then taking Finasteride can help in reducing the swelling.

Liver problems: Anavar can bring about an increase in liver enzymes which in turn can cause hepatotoxicity. Again, this happens only when excess doses are taken. With the recommended doses, liver remains normal. Also, the toxicity is seen only during the use of the steroid. Once you discontinue it, the toxicity will disappear. Also, avoid taking any random medications as they too tend to increase liver enzymes. Also refrain from drinking too much during Anavar cycle.

Reduction of testosterone levels: Though Anavar does bring about testosterone suppression, it is not extreme. But LH or Luteinizing Hormone may be affected and it will also suppress SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin.  At the same time, if you are stacking Anavar with other steroids, then taking a testosterone supplement will be helpful to maintain the natural levels of the hormone. Low testosterone levels can mean health problems, so you need to take care.

Side effects in women: The main concern for women is that Anavar can cause virilisation in women, which means male traits can appear in female users. To avoid such side effects, just limit the dose to 10 mg and for 8 weeks and not more than that.

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