The world is full of tips and tricks about how you can lose weight. Everywhere you go from clinics to gyms to the internet, there are advertisements of fitness packages, medicines, and equipment offering to help you reduce mass. With such an overload of things to make you gain weight, a skinny woman, who is into fitness, is left lost in her attempt to gain the right kind of weight. Generally, people do not take you seriously when you say you are looking to gain weight like it is not even a real problem. And for few people, who are finally convinced, give you suggestions which rarely ever work. For someone struggling with the idea about how to increase in gains for women, Anavar is a right choice.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is a brand name connected to an anabolic-androgenic steroid – Oxandrolone. It’s a mild anabolic steroid that is perfect for women. It helps you achieve muscle definition without gaining much bulk that is manly. As this is milder than most steroids, there are much fewer side effects. Searle Laboratories, the founder of Anavar, created it to stop muscle waste and rapid weight loss. It is one of the most popular orally ingested steroids. It fits women perfectly as it helps you gain lean muscle tissue without gaining fat.

Anavar Cycle

There are various cycles that a user should be aware of.

  • Offseason cycle: The aim during offseason is to gain lean muscle. While Anavar may not be as effective for men for this purpose but it is perfect for women. The mild nature of Oxandrolone hormone is highly effective for the increase in gains for women.
  • Dieting Cycle: This cycle is not just effective for gaining weight but also aids in correctly losing weight. In an attempt to lose body fat, we tend to lose lean body muscle, that it not desirable. So Anavar is brilliant when you want to preserve the lean muscle while losing unwanted fat.

Anavar Effect

As pointed above, Anavar enhances body’s capability to increase muscle definition. It gives the body a tightness which results in a more chiseled and fit body appearance. It is perfect for gaining mass in lean muscles as well as losing fat while retaining muscle definition. It does not lead to a bulky appearance. This is not the fastest steroid, owing to its mildness, but the pace at which it works is apt for female body structure.

Anavar Side Effects

Almost all anabolic steroid have some kind of side effects. However, in the case of Anavar, the chances of side effects are very low. Very few women experience side effects from Anavar usage if used as directed. The worst side effect experienced by women is virilisation. However, the side effect is usually common with people who use it improperly and more than as directed. However, for very few unlucky ones even the normal dose can trigger the side effects. Discontinuing the steroid will help in completely eradicating the symptoms. However, if you do experience then do not stop usage, it might lead to long-term effects, which is highly inadvisable.

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