A yellowish but clear liquid that surrounds the fetus in the womb is called the amniotic fluid. The most important thing which is to be noted is the amniotic fluid is highly responsible for healthy development of the fetus. It will help in maintaining a constant temperature around the baby. It will also protect the baby from external injury. The most unfortunate thing is in some cases, the amniotic fluid may get leaked before the labor. In such case, it must be taken to the concern of the medical expert. Since this liquid will be odorless, the discharge can be guessed when there is a sudden gush. The pregnant women who need to know more about the amniotic fluid leak can make use of this post in order take better concern over their health.

Abnormal fluid level

A pregnant woman must have normal fluid level. In case if they possess very high level amniotic fluid, the condition will be stated as polyhydramnios. This kind of condition will be very common in the case of multiple pregnancies. In case, if this fluid   level is very low, they will be mentioned as oligohydramnios. This may be caused because of abnormalities in fetus and even because of late pregnancy. In case, if the pregnant woman tends to have any kind of abnormalities in the fluid level, the health care provider will show more attention on their pregnancy.

Signs of leakage

Basically the pregnant woman may get exposed to different kinds of discharges in their body. This may happen in different stages when the fetus is growing. In some cases it may be cervical discharge and even the amniotic fluid may also get discharged in small amount. Hence the woman may not have enough knowledge about the leakage. Since the amniotic fluid is completely odorless, pregnant woman may have various difficulties in pointing out leakage. However, through some signs, they can come to a better conclusion. Sometimes the leakage can be spotted with while mucous. The pregnant woman cannot control the fluid flow as they flows steadily through the urine. At times, women may also have greater discomfort when the fluid flows out. In case, if the pregnant women tend to experience any of such signs, they must immediately take it to the concern of their doctor. The leakage of this liquid may also be the sign of labor. Hence the pregnant women should not stay careless about this leakage.


The treatment may get varied depending upon the fluid level. In case if this is not treated on right time, the development of the baby will get affected to a greater extent. The doctor may provide the treatment by taking the sample of the discharge. Through this they will check the PH level and will provide the treatment accordingly.

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