IGF-1 is naturally produced by the liver as it receives signals from human growth hormone that is produced by the pituitary glands in the brain. Being similar to insulin in its structure and size, IGF-1 is a very strong anabolic hormone that is responsible for building muscles and lean mass. Hence, many bodybuilders prefer to intake HGH supplements in order to increase the secretion of IGF-1.

So, how is it beneficial?

Testosterone that is produced in the testicles of men has been shown to have an effect on increasing the growth hormone-like IGF-1 which seems to have an effect on cell reproduction as it binds to the IGF-1 receptors and signals the production of new cells. This indicates a growth of muscle cells and a growth in HGH too because HGH is the hormone that is responsible for the overall well-being and healthy development in the body.

Due to the process of aging, it is common to see a loss of muscle, strength, bone mass and changes in sexual health too. As IGF is responsible for the proper development, an increase in IGF-1 is preferred which is the reason why many bodybuilders prefer to take HGH supplements. Hence, it is important to correct an IGF1 deficiency to overcome these problems. Get the 5 Highest Rated IGF-1 Supplement Products here.

IGF-1 supplements

Many people mistake IGF-1 to be a steroid. While steroids are synthetically produced in the lab, they help in increasing the testosterone levels or increase the HGH in the body. As they are synthetically produced, upon injecting them into the muscle, they have a dramatic effect on muscle growth. However, they also carry some worse side effects that cannot be neglected, especially if they are misused.

On the other hand, IGF-1 is secreted by the liver as a byproduct after the production of HGH. While there are synthetic supplements, naturally produced IGF-1 is very helpful in bodybuilding. Studies also show that IGF-1 has a great role in the significant muscle gain. But taking the synthetic form of IGF-1 has the equal amount of side effects like steroids. Hence the only option is to either secrete it naturally in the body or through an animal source which is also easily tolerated by the body.

In order to correct an IGF1 deficiency, you can either supplement through diet or through supplements. Taking IGF-1 in the right way is important so that it is viable. If taken in pill form, they are destroyed during the process of digestion and hence the established way to take IGF-1 supplements is to take it in spray form through the mouth. IGF- supplements are generally created by using natural ingredients and the best one as of now is to the spray made from deer antler extract because the IGF found in the velvety coating of deer antlers is found to be similar to that in humans. In fact, it is also used for centuries and is legal to buy this spray too without any need of a prescription.

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