It is said that the human body is the most amazing creation of the universe. It has many features that are yet to be unleashed, but science and technology isn’t advanced enough to understand the complexities of human body thoroughly.

This post brings to light 10 funny facts related to your teeth. The information has been provided by famous dentists in Thunder Bay. So, if you want to learn more funny facts about your teeth, your Oasis Family Dentist will guide you through to this strange world of teeth.

  1. Enamel:The enamel present at the surface of your tooth is the strongest and the hardest part of your entire body. However, the roots of the teeth may weaken if you ignore oral care.
  2. Forming of Teeth:The forming of teeth begins even before your medical birth. When the baby is in mother’s womb, his baby teeth or milk teeth start to form. However, they appear when the baby grows older than 6 months. There have been some births in which babies have already developed a tooth or two.
  3. Types of Teeth:There are 4 different types of teeth in average human being, namely; canine, incisors, molars and premolars.

  • Incisors are used to cut the food
  • Canine tear the food
  • Premolars and molars are used to grind the food
  1. Sets of Teeth:All human beings have two sets of teeth; baby teeth or milk teeth, and permanent teeth. Baby teeth begin to fall at the age of 6 and the whole new set of permanent teeth replaces the set of baby teeth by the time you reach 12 years.
  2. Uniqueness: Like your fingerprints, the set of teeth you have are also different from other people.
  3. Saliva generation:Do you know you can produce enough saliva in the entire life that can fill two swimming pools? During the entire lifetime, an average human mouth produces more than 25,000 quarts of saliva liquid. Saliva is very helpful in digestion. It also gives protection to your teeth against bacteria that naturally exist in your mouth.
  4. Average brushing time: If you calculate the brushing time of a person throughout his entire life, you will be amazed to find out that an average person consumes 38 and a half days brushing his teeth.
  5. Critical health issues:Our mouth is supposed to be the entering point of some critical health issues. Among major diseases, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis are linked to our oral health.
  6. Teeth size: If you think that what you see is the whole teeth, you’re wrong. One-third of the tooth is hidden inside your gums and the remaining two-third is visible.
  7. Fallen tooth: If, by any chance your tooth gets knocked out, you can put it back on place like before. You need to put the fallen teeth in milk for few seconds, then put it back where it belongs. Hold it in your mouth for a while and it will survive a little bit longer. Meanwhile, rush to the dentist clinic Thunder Bay to get further assistance.

So, next time when you think your teeth are ordinary, read this post again.

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